Age Appropriate Wedding Dress

by Theresa

Hi, my name is Theresa, and next year, my boyfriend and I are getting married. I'm so excited, but I can't seem to find the right dress.... I love them all, but I keep forgetting that I'm 53, and I probably wouldn't feel quite right wearing those kinds of modern dresses. So could you help me find a nice dress that will fit my age group? Thanks!


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I understand the mature dress dilema
by: Charlene

I am planning my wedding as well.I am 54,plus size, there aren't many options. Off shoulder is so....everyone and mundane! I want sexy,mature.
Good luck

Age Appropriate Wedding Dress Styles That Work
by: Desiree

Hi Theresa,

You are not alone in trying to find an age appropriate wedding dress. I am assuming that you are not a fan of strapless wedding dresses, since you said you didn't feel comfortable in the "modern" wedding gowns that are available. And of course, the strapless wedding dress is the popular choice. But if you are not one that is in love with the strapless look, I have some suggestions that might work.

One thing that I have done in my wedding alterations business for mature brides, is to make strapless bridal gowns look more age appropriate by adding straps to the gown. Just by adding spaghetti straps or wider straps, gives a more mature, elegant, sophisticated look to a strapless gown, without taking away from the gown design. Also, adding cap sleeves can give just the right amount of coverage, to make you feel more comfortable in a strapless dress. Ask the sewing professional doing your alterations if they could make these additions to your gown.

But if you are totally turned off by the strapless gown style, there are other styles of gowns that will work for an older bride. You can find wedding dresses that have short or long sleeves. Even a sleeveless gown with a V-neckline can provide more coverage but still be glamorous. A very romantic and appealing wedding gown style is the off the shoulder neckline. This is a good style choice for mature brides. You can show off your shoulders, which most women don't mind, but still have more coverage for your back and your arms if the design has sleeves.

If you want further assistance with picking your gown, please use the contact me form. I am not able to access the email information you previously may have provided. So for a one on one consultation, please use the contact me form to give me your contact information and I will respond to you privately.

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