Appropriate Headpiece For Mature Bride

by deb
(Burlington, Ont, Canada)

I'm getting married in 2 days and am 56 . This is a second wedding and I will be wearing a tea length dress. I bought this floral barrette and am wondering now if it is in fact age appropriate and would it be better to go without?

Hi Deb,

Yes a floral barrette would be appropriate to wear. When it comes to choosing an age appropriate headpiece, there really isn't any type of hair accessory you can't wear.

The biggest thing you have to make sure of is that whatever you choose works with the style of your gown or wedding outfit. Also, whether you are choosing a decorative comb, tiara, barrette or decorative pins... you need to make sure it will stay put in your hair and work with the hairstyle you plan to wear on your wedding day. Some people have a problem keeping barrettes and certain types of combs in their hair.

If you have determined that the barrette will look great with what you are wearing. What's the next step? The final decision will be when your stylist finishes your hair. Make sure to take the barrette with you so she place it in your hair for you. She can show you the best placement for it and show you how to secure it. If then you feel the barrette really isn't you... then either have a back up hair accessory to try or it will be perfectly fine to go without anything at all in your hair.

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Hair ornament
by: deb

Thanks Desiree!

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