Bought A Wedding Dress from Ebay...
Never Again! - Directly From China

by Rachella

Got it made from ourdream888 after reading all the postiive feedback (why it's positive I'll explain shortly). The dress was hideous! Nothing like the photo (I realise they pinch illegally photos from designer's websites but it should look at least a BIT like the pic surely?).
Fabric was crap. Colour wrong. Measurements not correct. It looked SO cheap and tacky.

All in all, I couldn't even GIVE it away. I'm going to keep it for a "bad taste" party.

Now the reason why they all have great feedback is this:
Their item costs say $30. Their postage is say $170.
So when you get your dress and tell them how hideous it is and that it's not acceptable (in a nice way, not like I'm talking now!) they offer you a refund...of the ITEM price (NOT the shipping, naturally). And only IF YOU GIVE THEM POSITIVE FEEDBACK! So they BRIBE you to give thme positive feedback, hence why they all have such great feedback.

Personally it's not worth my $30 back to lie and mislead other people. And ebay doesn't care at all. The standard response is what you get from them and nothing else.

Grr! Ended up buying it online from a shop in America - perfect.

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Never Again! - Directly From China

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Dec 18, 2009
Fabulous Content!
by: Ever After Events Gatlinburg, TN

Thanks so much for the information. As a wedding planner in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, I am always looking for new and exciting wedding information. I would love to explore the possibility of featuring you on my wedding website so that other brides may view your info. as well. I am sure they will find it as valuable as I did.

Dec 17, 2009
Eye Opening Information About China Ebay Wedding Dresses!
by: Desiree

Wow! Thank you for your submission. This will help other brides thinking of ordering from the company you ordered from. The tip about the "positive reviews" posted on that site was eye opening!

In my research I have found that some of the reviews written, on some sites, are statements generated by the vendors themselves. But to know that this Ebay vendor selling wedding dresses from China, ask for positive reviews, in order for the customer to receive a refund... is not ethical!

Based on this review all brides ordering gowns from sources like this ,need to find out as much as possible about the refund policy before ordering! If the policy is vague or questionable... do not order from that site!

Thanks again for the information.

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