Brides Don't Get Stuck With Those "Mature" Labels !

My husband and I first met in our freshman year of college and went all through undergrad school together. After graduation we went our separate ways to separate professional lives. We re-met 38 years after graduation. Within a month or so we knew this was "it."

On our wedding day, we were both 61 years old.
My floor-length designer gown, purchased from a nationally known bridal store, was simplicity itself with an empire waist to cover up a now less than perfect figure.
Over that I wore a beautiful dainty lace bolero, from the same store, which made all the difference in the world.

I did not wear a veil, of course, but a covered hairband with a small fascinator on the side which can be purchased at all bridal stores

You don't have to go the "mature" route with suits or street length dresses. If you have taken care of yourself, just do your own thing.

I do agree that a more natural color such as ivory (what I chose for the gown and bolero) is much more complimentary to older complexions.

Have fun, it's your day! You're only as old as you feel!


I totally agree with you! And you look beautiful in the gown you chose!

I feel a woman should wear what she feels comfortable in. Your wedding is a day where you get to pick what you want to wear.

Thanks for your comments!

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