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Are you looking for cheap wedding dresses? Then try looking in consignment shops!

More and more are popping up around the country in local communities and on the web.

Wedding dress consignment shops are the best type of consignment shops for brides to shop in because they deal exclusively in wedding attire.

Consignment wedding dresses are usually “used gowns” that are placed in the shop by brides.

But your can find an affordable wedding dress that has never been worn at very reasonable prices since some brides cancel their weddings.

How Do You Place A Wedding Dress On Consignment?

Are you a bride wanting to sell your dress? Then you might want to consider consigning your wedding dress. How does it work?

The bride usually is expected to share a percentage of the sell of the dress with the shop owner. Make sure you don't over price the dress so brides looking for cheap wedding dresses will consider your gown a bargain.

Some shops allow you to set the price and then the shop takes a percentage when the dress sells.. In some cases the shop sets the price and the percentage. The shop owner will place the gown in the shop for a limited time usually six months to a year.

Before placing the bridal gown on consignment... you are expected to have the gown cleaned in most cases. You will also be signing an agreement or contract so make sure you read all the terms and note any additional fees you might need to pay.

If it doesn't’t sell, you can pick it up at the end of the contract date and again--- make sure you find out beforehand if you will be charged fees for the time it was in the shop.

How To Buy A Wedding Dress From A Consignment Shop?

If you need a designer wedding dress for less--- then consider buying one from a wedding gown consignment shop.

If you are a bride on a budget . . . then you are probably trying to find an affordable wedding dress. Buying a consignment wedding dress can save you a substantial amount of money compared to buying the same dress brand new.

You will find that you can also buy ‘new’ never worn wedding gowns at affordable prices. These used wedding gowns are usually in ‘excellent’ condition and in most cases have already been cleaned.

Try on the dress in the shop. Make sure you are satisfied with the gown before you purchase it. Usually you cannot return it once you purchase it. Some shops will allow you to exchange it, to be sure though, ask about the return policy.

Wedding dress consignment shops usually don’t have a seamstress on sight to do alterations. The owner may suggest a referral for a good dressmaker for your wedding dress alterations. You can also ask friends and family and search the yellow pages or online for a qualified sewing professional on your own.

“I have had bridal customers get great deals on wedding dresses from wedding dress consignment shops.” This is the one way you can afford a top designers wedding gown at a reasonable price.

So when you are looking for cheap wedding dresses consider buying your wedding gown from the consignment shop.

And after you finish with your gown after the wedding... don't forget that you can put your dress back on consignment and recoup some of your money.

Check your local area for shops and online for sources.

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