Choosing A Bridesmaid Dress For A Mature Brides Wedding

by Amy

Have been asked to be in the bridal party for my mother-in-laws second marriage. Both groom and bride-to-be are widowed and she is a mature bride. Have been told wedding is in January, color is black, will be at 2pm. She doesn't have any certain type of dress in mind for bridesmaids just all wear black. I'm stumped not sure what type of dress is appropriate. Please help!

Hi Amy,

I see your dilemma! Mature brides tend not to want to make it difficult for their bridesmaids to choose a dress by allowing them freedom to choose what they want as long as it is the color needed. But you do need to know a few more details from her in order to choose something appropriate to the wedding theme and formality. Evey bridesmaid in the wedding need to choose their gowns based on this criteria. Otherwise, her bridal party will look out of harmony with her and one another.

I would first find out what the bride is wearing. Is she going to wear a formal traditional type wedding dress, or informal wedding gown with a small train? She may be wearing a tea length bridal gown or a wedding suit. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you choose your dress.

Usually the bride will tell you whether you need a long or short dress. If she is wearing a traditional wedding gown, more than likely you will need a long bridesmaids dress. If she is wearing
a more informal bridal dress, you can consider wearing a tea length or a street length dress. You can choose to buy a bridesmaids dress from a bridal salon or go to a retail clothing stores' evening wear section and purchase a gown appropriate for the occasion. And of course you can purchase something from an online bridal shop.

Most mature brides are busy people and don't want to be bogged down with a lot of details. But in order for the bridal party to look harmonious, she at least should have them all wear long or all short dresses. If it is a formal traditional wedding dress she is wearing... she should have the bridesmaids dresses look the part. The bridesmaids dresses, in this case, should be formal and not look too informal in style, such as an after five or party dress.

All in the bridal party would have to follow the same guidelines so that they don't present a "thrown together" look. This something that would be helpful for the bride to consider and should be brought to her attention.

One good thing about the bride allowing you to choose your own bridesmaids dress is that you can choose a style that is complimentary to your body type. More than likely you will choose something that you won't mind wearing again.

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Anyone else have this situation? Do you have any suggestions? What type of dress worked for you? Where did you find it?

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