Choosing A Wedding Gown For Broad Shoulders

by Sasi
(Hyderabad, India)

I am 25 years old. I look a little bit fat, and my shoulders are a little bit broad. Also I have doubt, whether the gown suits me or not, please help me out with this, and suggest to me what my perfect dress may be.

Hi Sasi,

Thanks for submitting a question. I am always happy to get questions from brides from other countries. Although I didn't receive a picture from you of the type of wedding attire you are considering, I will give you some general guidelines to help you.

By the way... broad shoulders are considered an asset in the fashion industry. They actually give the body a nice line and balance the hips.

But if you want to down play your broad shoulders I can give you some suggestions. If you buy a wedding gown with sleeves you should choose a set in sleeve where the armholes are set in a little narrower than your shoulder.

If you buy a sleeveless bridal dress, make sure the armholes are cut in narrower than your shoulder line.

A one shoulder look, depending on how the gown is made can minimize your shoulders. An asymmetrical drape from shoulder to hem will take the emphasis off of your shoulders and also give the whole body a slimmer line.

Avoid these necklines on wedding attire if you have broad shoulders: the jewel neckline and the boat neckline.

Avoid trims, attachments and horizontal bands of color that run across the shoulder line.

Whether you are wearing a wedding dress or a bridal saree... you can apply these guidelines.

If you happen to have pictures of some of the gowns you are considering, send them in, and I will give you further suggestions.


Additional information can be found in this article on picking the best wedding dress style for the inverted triangle shaped body type.

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