Designer With Creative Fair For Mature Brides

by Marietta Wilson

I started in my senior years which are 62 until now ,designing mature womens gowns or improving with little add ons for friends and I was amazed at how many of us out there are challenged by this.

The lack of imagination for stylish women to be stunning on this 1,2,3 whatever wedding is sinful. The lack of creative fabrics to enhance a mature woman's coloring or style,must be searched, and searched with care. We are a number that is growing,and should be taken seriously. I am amazed at the lack of ingenuity,when it comes to womens dresses and gowns. Shameful I say!


Hi Marietta,

I wholeheartedly agree with what you said. Bridal designers need to make as part of their collections a line of wedding dress specifically for mature brides, like they do for those who want styles appropriate for plus size, modest, and pregnant brides.

Older brides are overlooked right now in the wedding industry when it comes to bridal gown styles that are age appropriate. Nice to know that you are helping mature brides in your area meet the challenge of adapting gowns and designing them to meet their needs.

I know this, the first designer to make a line of mature wedding dresses, will be overwhelmed with orders, and will become very popular and successful.

Thanks for your contribution!


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