Fake Review For Wedding dress and BM dresses from www.ifitdress.com

This review was submitted a few months ago and I later found out it was a fake review. At first I thought that this could be real, but after further investigation, I found it actually originated from China. But notice how realistic it sounds...

One of my friends recommend this website to me since she bought her prom dress here at a reasonable price with nice quality. Then, I decided to try my luck here. I ordered my wedding dress as well as 6 BM dresses from them.

After placing my order, I was surprised that one customer care staff wrote to me notifying that they will suspend my order, since they are worried that the color I chose may not what I expected. They decided to send me a swatch firstly for me to confirmed. Meanwhile, they told me that they could customize all my dresses for free.I felt touched at these.

When I got the sample, the color was indeed not what I am interested. So they send a color panal for me to choose from. Then we noted down a color number and the processing started at last.

18 days later, all the dresses arrived. Since we didn't accept the free customization service, 2 of the dresses ran a little small. Luckily, there were totally 2 inches at the seam for us to make use of.One of my girl help us solve this problem.

As a whole, the dresses from ifitdress are good since they are much cheaper than others.

The customer service staff is fairly kind and friendly, which impressed me deeply!

by Nancy from NY

My final thoughts...

I left the review in the original form it was submitted, which show signs of possibly being fake because of the sentence structure and spelling. But the overall story sounds believable.

A few years back this site started seeing a number of bogus reviews. Once a warning was posted that fake reviews would be exposed the submissions stopped.

The company may be legit, but seeing this, makes you wonder if it is safe to deal with them. And it also makes you wonder if the ton of reviews on other sites that sound positive are real reviews.

Of course there are some wholesale wedding dress sites in China that make a good product. Once I confirm that reviews submitted are coming from the source sited I post them. I want to pass on information to brides shopping for their wedding dresses online that is legit.

I am getting together a list of online wedding dress companies that are based in China that I have personally seen dresses from or have been told about by brides who were satisfied with their gown purchases.

At one time you could depend on reviews. But reviews like the one above makes it a little harder than it use to be to decipher the real reviews from the fake ones.

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