Have To Love The Convertible Wedding Dresses

by Wendy

I love the idea of having a convertible wedding dress. This is my first time seeing them. Thanks for the idea!

Hi Wendy,

I have always been a fan of convertible bridal gowns. This style gown was popular back in the early 1990's. I made a couple of convertible bridal gowns back then. So I am glad to see these bridal gowns come back on the scene.

It's great that some wedding dress designers have notice that there is a need for this type of wedding gown. When a bride wants two different looks for her wedding she no longer has to buy two different wedding dresses because the convertible wedding gown serves the purpose. If you can't find a convertible type dress, consider having one made for you.

Thanks for the positive feedback. It is my desire to provide helpful information on this site. So when people like you take time to write... I really appreciate it!

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