Is A Good Company?

by Anonymous Submitter

Has anyone bought a dress from They are located in China and have great rates on dresses but I don't see any reviews for them.


I don't have any information on Hopefully someone will see this and chime in with some information for you about this company. Just be cautious of dealing with any company that claims to wholesale designers gowns offshore. When things go wrong, it is hard to get your money back in most cases. Not to mention the frustration you experience.

Check out their return policies. Do a search on the company by putting in " reviews" through all of the search engines to see what you come up with. Go on wedding site forums and ask the question. Try asking the brides who frequent or forums for their opinions.

As I mentioned in my article about using wholesale wedding dress companies from China, you have less than a 50% chance of getting something you will be pleased with. I lately have had brides come in to my business hoping to fix their gowns, but they are not fixable in most cases. Those that are fixable, the bride is having to pay more than they spent on the gown to fix it.

If you want to take a chance on getting a gown this way, you have to look at it like this...

If you can afford to gamble away $200 to $300, then order it. If it doesn't work out toss the gown and chalk it up as a loss since you knew the risk going in. But before you do this make sure you have enough time to order a gown the traditional way, which takes 4 - 6 months to get a wedding gown.

Otherwise... if you can't afford to risk the money or you don't have time to order a gown if it comes back not to your liking... then my advice is not to order. Go with a sure thing. If you shop around you can find good deals on wedding dresses! Check out this article for some ideas and sources for finding cheap wedding gowns!

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Aug 16, 2011 Review
by: Hayls75

Avoid this on-line wedding dress company at all costs!!!! I am in the process of obtaining a refund through the credit card company for my wedding dress that should have arrived by 19th July 2011. That was almost a month ago and despite emailing them on a daily basis and given deadline after deadline, still no dress.

I am getting married in 5 weeks and have to go out looking for another dress!

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