Just Received My Ebay Custom Made Dress From China

by Chi

I ordered a dress from a seller on Ebay based in Shanghai. The dress only cost $165 and had free shipping and a good return policy. The seller's communication was good and shipping very quick.

The problems though--quality of material and design. The fit was perfect, but the design--hmmmm... off by a mile. What the seller did was try to make the dress look like the one in the picture by applying appliques in areas that were supposed to be lace designs. If you want an idea of the dress, look up Pronovias Halter. The real dress is gorgeous. The replica, not so much. The dress I received was stuffed in a tiny bag that may have weighed about 6lbs(first sign that something went wrong).

When tried on, it looked nice from about 30 ft away; but when looking at the dress any closer, you could easily see that the dress that was covered in poorly cut appliques that may have been chomped off other dresses and strategically sewn in places that were supposed to be designs. My mother couldn't stop laughing. My dad, who could careless, thought it looked great.

So, I suppose, it's all in the eyes of the beholder??? Whatever the case, I plan to return the dress and get a full refund--though, minus the shipping I will have to spend to ship it back.

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Aug 15, 2010

I just received my wedding dress from China and it is absolutely stunning! It was made to fit me like a glove and the seller was more than accommodating. They waited 2 months to get my measurements as I was in a training program to lose weight!

I will use this designer again! My dress cost me 100.00 CAN

May 16, 2010
Custom Made Dress From China
by: Desiree


Thanks for your comments! I think your comment will help other brides. I hope you don't have a problem getting a refund.

And you are right about it depending on the eye of the beholder, when it comes to wedding gown quality. It seems that each person has a different level of quality they are willing to accept. But I can say this, if you are a person who tends to pick high quality clothing or you tend to have "expensive" taste... then do not order a gown from a source like this if you don't want to be disappointed, especially if you have seen the designer gown in person.

The quality of a China direct gown will never equal that of the designer gown, so far as I have seen. Designers use high quality luxurious fabrics and very carefully designed and well engineered construction methods, to provide a gown they would be proud to place their name on. Even though their gowns may be manufactured in China, the wedding dress designer dictates what they want and oversee the whole process from start to finish.

But for some brides the look or style of a designer gown is all that they are after. And for those brides, they may find that buying a gown this way will be a great way to get a particular "designer's look or style" at a much lower cost. I have seen some of these replica gowns capture the style of some designers gowns, pretty closely when it comes to the design.

To save money on a designer gown, try getting one from a consignment shop which sells preowned wedding dresses. You can find these shops online or in your local community. And you can get a desinger's bridal gown at an online wedding shop that specialize in discount wedding dresses. This way you are actually getting "the" designers gown. Hopefully you will have a better experience with your next wedding dress purchase!
Thanks again for your contribution!

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