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by Anna
(Charleston, SC)

Amara Royale

Amara Royale

So im going to buy my dream dress but from a chinese factory. I wanted the Amara Royal dress but unfortunaltly, i cant afford one but i found this website called and i emailed them and was surprised at how good their dress looked. They assured me that they make them all the same and if I dont like it, I can always return it. Please give me your opinions:)

Hi Anna,

For a copy the dress looks similar to the designer's dress. You can see that the beadwork and the lace under dress for the train is different than the designer's dress. As long as you are okay with the differences... then you might want to look further into ordering this.

But be aware that pictures sometimes don't portray the full dress accurately. You can't tell things like the inner construction and what the wedding dress fabric really is like. If you order the gown and it is not to your liking... know what you will do to fix the situation and how you will get your money back.

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