Maternity Wedding Dress Advice 4 Months Along

by Mary Murphy

Help!! I'm getting married in Oct and will be just over 4 months pregnant..while my family will know, I don't want to look pregnant on the big day. Has anyone got married at 4 months pregnant? How did it go? What style dress suited?

Hi Mary,

I am assuming from your question that you are looking for a wedding dress that is still fitted but will conceal your tummy. The advice I am about to give you is based on my experience fitting brides in my alterations business who were pregnant

You may be one who will not show very much by the time you are 4 months along. But if you are showing a little... the silhouettes that I have seen work the best for a bride in your situation would be an A-line or ball gown style. Styles that have over flaps of overskirts have great hiding power.

Also styles that have ruching or pleating in the bodice will conceal your stomach. Gowns that have tiered ruffles in the skirt that start at the high hip/abdomen area is a good choice.

Of course the empire waist wedding dresses with multiple layers of chiffon (Grecian style) works well, because it gives the greatest hiding power from the fullness in the skirt. It just will not have the fitted appearance you may be looking for.

The links below represent examples of some of the dress details you should look for in a gown design for the most flattering look.

Here is an example of a gown with an overskirt in front and ruching in the bodice.
MS-M9873L Mia Solano Wedding Gown

Here is a dress with a multi-tiered ruffle skirt.
MS-M2864L Mia Solano Wedding Gown

Here is an example of a gown that gives great hiding power and shape to for a flattering look. The asymmetrical pleating is the key.
MS-M2743L Mia Solano Wedding Gown

Now this gown has eye-catching details together with pleating in the bodice that would help to focus the attention from your stomach.
MS-M9855Z Mia Solano Wedding Gown

Once you find your gown, I hope you come back here and download a picture so we can see what you chose. Happy wedding dress shopping!

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