Mature Bride of 53 getting remarried to my husband

by Donna Monette D
(Canyon Lake, Tx)

August Gown

August Gown

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We 1st married when I was 30 and he 28. Two of our 3 children are grown, the last is 15 yrs and in high school.

Like most couples at some point in their marriage you go through a rough period at least we did 2 years ago, he strayed. And,over these past 2 years we have grown closer and recommitted to one another.

And we have both decided to plan a remarriage ceremony this next year,nothing like what couples do in the sense of what one would plan when you are in your 20's.

But, none the less I would love to have a semi-formal event and the two different types of dresses that are stuck in my head for the possible choices are either a vintage 50's era tea length gown or a Grecian style that drapes my body.

I am 5'7 and wear a size 8 misses and would really appreciate some much loved advice on what direction I might consider for my dress style to best compliment my body shape and the type of event we are considering is either a beach or Lake side venue or maybe you could throw some ideas my way, I really want to make this day special for us both and I am in need of some guidance.

We are both born again Christians and are wanting to start our golden years off in the most positive manner.

Thank you so much!

Donna Monette D in Canyon Lake, Tx

Hi Donna,

Congratulations on your engagement! I sense your excitement and can see that you want to get off to a good start. I'm happy to give you some tips on picking your wedding dress.

First off... the wedding locations and the dress styles you are thinking about choosing will be a good fit.

When you look at wedding dress designers and their collections, look at their destination dress lines. Destination bridal gowns are styled to be more informal having a shorter train or no train at all.

You can choose a color that works with your natural tones. White and ivory are color choices you can make if you desire. There is very little that you can do as an encore bride that would be considered against wedding etiquette.

I have pictured above 2 dresses from This company feature vintage style and informal wedding dresses.

The other 2 dresses are from Alfred Angelo are so ideas for the vintage Grecian styling. Check out their whole collection on

Hopefully this will get you started. If you need additional help you can fill out a contact me form to request a personal consultation to help you choose and find your perfect wedding dress.

Happy shopping!

Perfect Wedding Dress Finder

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