Mature Bride Of 55 Having Problem Finding A Dress

by Yvonne
(County sligo)

Hi I am 55 and getting married for second time, my problem is that the only dresses that might fit are too young for me as I am only 4'10" and a size 6 finding it impossible!!

Hi Yvonne,

I can see your problem. Wedding gowns in your size do tend to be youthful looking. As you know the most popular neckline is still strapless.

But what some mature brides are doing is they are buying off the shoulder lace jackets to go over a strapless dress. These button up in the back and typically stop around the waist. This option give additional coverage that make mature brides feel more age appropriate in their gowns.

Also still popular is you can add a bolero type jacket although I have to say is not as trendy as the off the shoulder look.

There are more gown styles now with sleeves and v-neck or jewel neck bodices, especially in lace dresses. You should look online at some of the wedding gown designer's collections and go to the link on their website to locate a store near you if you see a gown you like. Note the style name or number. Give the store a call to see if they have the gown you are interested in.

Have you thought about using a "mother's dress"? Some of those come in off white or ivory and have small trains which can be easily used as a bridal gown. Some bridesmaids dresses can be ordered in white or ivory and will give you some additional options.

The above solutions are what I see mature brides I work with in my wedding dress alterations business doing.

But if none of those choices will work... another solution is to find a dressmaker to design and make your wedding dress. Make sure you find a sewing professional that has a lot of experience with making bridal dresses. Allow plenty of time, 4 - 6 months time, for the consultations and fittings needed.

It will take sometime and effort but I'm sure you will find a gown you will be happy with.

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