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by Kathy

I was married for the second time 23 years ago. I did not have a wedding either time. My mother thought I was too young first time and would not allow ceremony. My current husband had a big church wedding with first wife. He refused to let me have anything. What would be appropriate for a ceremony and what type dress?

Hi Kathy,

You didn't tell me whether this is a wedding ceremony or a vow renewal. In either case since there are no taboos on what you can and cannot wear, you can pick any dress you want. You just need to make sure that the gown you pick is right for the formality of your ceremony. If there is a theme you want to make sure your gown or wedding outfit works with that.

Of course you need to take into account your body shape and coloring when choosing the style and color.

Most of all make sure you are comfortable with the fabric. You would want something that will not hold wrinkles.

Also, take into account where the wedding will take place indoors or out, if it will be during the winter time or summer. In the summer months you want a fabric that can breath if you are having an outdoor wedding.

A lot of mature brides rather not wear a gown with a train if they had one for the first wedding, but again that is up to each individual.

You may not want a gown at all and would like a street length dress, bridal suit or dressy pants suit outfit.

As you can see there are many possibilities open to you. So have fun shopping!

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