Need Help Choosing Dress First Wedding at 60

by Maria
(Louisville, KY)

This is my first choice

This is my first choice

This is my first choice This is my second choice

Hi I'm getting martied next year and I'll be 60. It's my first wedding. I'm marrying in church to the pastor of the church. I don't want to wear white or off white. It's a very small ceremony. My favorite color is purple and I saw a Mother of the Bride dress that's perfect.

Would it be wrong to wear color or should I stick with ivory? I don't look 60 and my shape is not bad, just hate my arms after losing 40 pounds. Any advice is appreciated.

This is the dress.


Both dress styles will work well to use as a wedding dress. Mother of the bride dresses are a good choice when looking for gown that isn't the typical white bridal gown. Today brides wear whatever color they want. There are no restrictions. So pick a color you want and a style of wedding gown that compliments your shape.

Just one thing more... Be careful when buying from sources online, especially when the company is overseas. Do your homework which include Google searching reviews, and looking at the return policy of the company.

Some companies misrepresent their clothing by using designer pictures on their sites but then they make copycat designs. The dress when you receive it doesn't look like the picture in the style nor quality. So be very careful when ordering online.

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