Older Bride Wedding Dress Advice Needed

by Christine
(Camden NSW Australia)

Bonny Bridals

Bonny Bridals

I am a mature bride and I will be 61 when I wed my partner of 25 years. I would love to have the perfect dress just like any other bride but of course being no spring chicken my options are now limited.

My figure of course is now way less than perfect and my "tuck shop arms" are also the bain of my existence.

I am short, overweight, and have small boobs. My weight is carried around my mid section and even though I have lost 15kgs I still have 30kgs to go which I am hoping I will have made significant headway by the time my wedding comes around next November which of course is spring in the southern hemisphere. Can you help I really am looking for inspiration. I do not want to look like a granny but also I do not want to look like mutton dressed as lamb.

Hi Christine,

When it comes to picking a wedding dress for a mature bride it can be a little challenging. From your shape and height description, if you choose to wear a traditional wedding gown, the empire waist style with an a-line skirt will be your best silhouette. This style will focus attention away from your mid-section.

Another choice would be an a-line gown with an over skirt or drape that has asymmetrical pleating. This will camouflage the midsection
and some designs will make your waist appear smaller.

I recommend both of these silhouettes because I have personally seen these styles give brides with your body shape a figure flattering look.

A wedding gown with sleeves might make you feel more comfortable if you are not happy with your arms. If you can't find a dress with sleeves in the silhouettes I mentioned above, try to pair up a wrap or a jacket with your wedding gown.

For a small bust line, look for gowns that have pleating in the bust area. This will give the illusion of a fuller bust.

An alternative wedding dress option is to use a mother's dress, bridesmaids dress or an evening dress. You can get these in white or ivory to look more like a wedding gown. The mother's gowns come with a dress and jacket combo, which is figure flattering for your body shape. Some designer's make wedding suits which can be found in mother of the brides dress collections.

If you want a wear again wedding dress, try looking in your local retail clothing stores. Go to the evening and special occasion departments. Many mature brides have found wedding outfits from this source.

I have included a few wedding dress pictures of some styles featuring the silhouettes I mentioned above. Since this is a public forum, if you need further assistance contact me personally.


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