Top Free Online Wedding Planning Websites

Most free online wedding planning websites that offer you a chance to have your own personal wedding pages, offer only basic planning tools.

The biggest benefit to using a free wedding planning site is... the fact you are able to use it for free. But there are some advantages and disadvantages to using them. Let's take a look at a few.

List of Free Wedding Online Planning Websites

This isn't an all inclusive list but are a few of the popular choices and some lesser known sites.

  • Provides planning area, picture galleries, forums, vendor sources and vendor reviews.
  • - For a free site they have a nice selection of planning tools.
  • The - Planning section, expert advice, forums, vendor resources, picture galleries
  • - This one ranks very high in reviews

The above websites provide areas where you can set up your own personal space to do planning activities. Also on some of these sites you can have access to local vendor resources and forums to find help with planning a wedding.

The Downside Of Using Free Wedding Websites

  • The pop-up banner advertising that is displayed can be a little annoying if they get in your way while trying to work on your site. And the guest to your site will be subjected to this also.
  • Pay attention to how difficult it is to set up and use the tools and navigate the website.
  • Most free sites only provide minimal tools and storage space.
  • And most lack a way for you to communicate with those on your guest list and for them to communicate with you.

Knowing what you want to accomplish with your site is key to choosing which online wedding planning website builder will work for you. So figure out how much you want to do with the site and know how long do you want to keep it up and running after the wedding.

Wedding Planning Website Etiquette

Just a couple of things to note:

  • Remember Your Senior Guests: Some may not be using the web as much, so you will still need to keep them informed the traditional way. Those who are able to navigate some online, send them a link through an email would be better than texting it to them.
  • Promote your website: To your friends and family who you will be inviting to your wedding you can text, email or use Facebook; your web address.
  • List your registry information: This is the appropriate place to list this information and not send it in your invitations, wedding experts suggest.
  • For out of town guests: You can list hotel, flight and transportation information. You can also suggests restaurants and sites to see. Some may need babysitting services.

To find out the top wedding planning websites and what tools to look for read this...

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