Plus size Wedding Dress Advice Needed

by Tonya
(Birmingham, AL)

Wedding Dress With Short Sleeves

Wedding Dress With Short Sleeves

Help! I am 37 years old, mother of two, and getting married for the first time. I am 200+ lbs and trying to find a dress to fit me. It almost makes me want to run off and get married. I found a dress that I loved when I first saw it online. Do you think it will look okay on a plus size woman? I don't want my upper arms to show.

Hi Tonya,

The dress you chose would be very flattering on a plus size woman. It just depends on which body shape or figure type you have. Since I don't know what body type you are... I will just give you some basic guidelines.

By the way that's a beautiful gown! It has a jacket that's over an a-line princess seam dress with spaghetti straps. This is a great choice if you have a pear shaped body type or a curvy figure.

The one figure type that this dress may not look good on is an apple shape type, because it is kind of fitted through the waist and stomach areas. Now, if a person has just a little tummy or thick waist and plans to wear a bodyshaper, then they may be able to wear this well.

Also if a person has a large bust, it can be complimentary as long as the sleeves don't end in a straight line with the bust. That would cause more attention to focus on the bust.

The sleeve length is pretty good if you want to cover your upper arms. Very short sleeves can make a person with heavy arms appear larger. But this short sleeve length is long enough to give good coverage and doesn't stop in an awkward place.

So that dress could definitely work for a plus size woman, just analyze your shape and if possible, try on a style similar to that dress at a local shop to get an idea of how that bridal gown will look on you.

And wow the price is fantastic! Great value!
Let me know if you order it and how it turns out.


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