Review For Desirees Custom Sewing Wedding Alterations

by Terry Morris
(Hampton, VA)

Ms. Brown, made the most elegant choices for my daughter's wedding dress. Ms. Brown name of her website is exactly correct. Her dress was PERFECT.

Anyone can buy the same dress, many brides come out looking the same. One of my daughter's best friends bought my daughter exact same dress from the same store, but Ms. Brown added pearls like beads to my daughter straps that made her dress different and more eloquence.

It was May 2002. We will never forget all that she did and will forever treasure in our hearts. My only problem is where was Ms. Brown in 1979 when I was a bride!!! Thank so very very much!!!

From: Terry Morris

It makes me happy to know that my working on your daughter's dress after all these years still bring back happy memories for you.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review of my services.


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Feb 07, 2013
Follow Up On Bridal Gown Alteration Review
by: Terry Morris

Hi Desiree,
After posting my reviews, last night my family, all sat in my living room sharing & enjoying the fond memories of the wedding & how YOU was one of the BEST choices, in planning the wedding 11 years ago, this May.

My only grand daughter, Nichelle (8yrs. old) was so excited to hear us share our wedding experience about you. Kendra have agreed to post her wedding dress! I'll let you know as soon as we choose which picture. We all agreed the dress was Perfect, making it hard to pick the best picture. I'll be getting back with real soon.

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