Review For Desiree's Custom Sewing Wedding Dress Alterations

by Debbie Fisher

My daughter's gown recently arrived from New York .. we were so excited opening the box and knew it would fit perfectly because the designer had personally measured her for the gown. Much to our disappointment, the gown was way too large. I know how to sew, but was not about to attempt alterations on this dress with all of the detail. Too many beads and embellishments for me to feel comfortable, not to mention all of the different layers and types of fabrics that would have to be addressed in alterations.

Panic set in looking for just the right person to make the correction, but after reading all of the information on Desiree's web page, I knew she would be the best qualified to handle our situation.

We head out today to have my daughter's bridal portrait taken, so excited ... and we have Desiree to thank for her dress turning out so beautifully. We are thrilled (and relieved!) to have found Desiree. Her work is beyond impeccable. Alterations were not only fairly priced, but done in a very timely manner. Very noticeable in her work, Desiree is a seasoned professional.

I will continue to pass her name on to others with confidence and without hesitation as she is truly the best in her field.

Bless you Desiree!

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