Should I order from Perfect Bridal China

by Anna
(Charleston, SC)

I was on ebay searching for a dress when I found this red mermaid dress that I fell in love with! Its gorgeous!! So I emailed the company and they want me to send my paypal email so we can complete the transaction but I don't really know if it's a good idea.

Has anyone bought a dress from this website and have it turn out the same as the picture because when I saw their real product show picture, it looked like the dress, but not as nice. The designs looked liked they didn't have much time put into them and a child sewed them on.

Also, if I don't receive the dress, will paypal refund my money and should I order off their website or ebay? They also said its going to take 60-65 days because of a "Spring Festivale" so that kind of makes me feel ify about whether or not I should go ahead and purchase the dress. I want the dress to look a little different, so I will post picture of the real dress, copy cat, and the sleeves I want on the dress :)
* please answer my questions as soon as possible, I really want this dress*

Hi Anna,

I have to say that I see warning signs in your comment that leads me to believe that your dress will most likely not come out like you want. The telling thing you said is that the picture of their real dress doesn't look like the designers' picture they are copying. And you also mentioned that the dress didn't look like they put much into it and like a child sew on it. That is most likely the quality you will receive. I'm sure the price they are asking is much lower than the designer gown and that is because the fabric and construction is much lower in quality.

You mentioned the shipping time could be a problem. If the shipping dates are less than a month from your wedding date or wear date, if this isn't a wedding gown, I would not suggest buying it. You would not have enough time for alterations or if something is wrong there is no time to correct the matter.

Now what you want to do is look at how to dispute a purchase on Paypal or the return policy for ebay sellers. Also look at the return policy for Perfect Bridal. The one thing you can do to protect yourself should you need to return something is to purchase it on a credit card. Don't use a debit card but a credit card since the credit card companies will help you the consumer with your refund more than your local bank will with a debit card.

Just make sure to keep all receipts,emails and communications that you receive from the company. You will need these things if you dispute the charges through the credit card company. If you pay for your wedding gown any other way you are more at risk of not getting your money back.

Hopefully someone who has done business with this company will chime in and give you a first hand account of their experience. (If you want to send in pictures send pictures to findbridedress(at)gmail.com and I will add them to this post.)

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Comments for Should I order from Perfect Bridal China

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Dec 17, 2012
Perfect Bridal Purchaser
by: Anonymous

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that :( I decided not to take the chance and I could NEVER leave good feedback for someone like that :/ Good luck next time!!

Dec 17, 2012
My Bad Experience with Perfect Bridal In China
by: Anonymous

I ordered a prom dress from perfect bridal in china, well needless to say horrible, pieces not sewed, pieces cut like a 3 year old with scissors, the left side is a foot and half shorter then the right side, the details stuck on a piece of mesh.

I contacted them right away and got a response back not to send the dress back, they would refund 30.00 and I said no not after spending 182.00. Well they promised a 85.00 refund but only if I left good feedback on ebay. Well ebay says its extortion/blackmail in which I agree especially after the 45 day policy was up for leaving feedback before I received the dress, so now the company knows I cant leave feedback resulting in NO REFUND !!!!

They are scammers, frauds and extortionists. Stay away from them, and even to this day they haven't responded back to any emails with in the last 2- 3 weeks. DON'T BUY FROM THEM


Sorry to see that you had such a bad experience with this company. Thanks for your contribution. It will be helpful to others.

Perfect Wedding Dress Finder

Dec 30, 2011
I Found The Dress Amara Royal Maggie Sottero!!!!
by: Anna

I searched on google for " Preowned Amara Royal Dresses" and i found some! Im emailing the owner right now and im going to see if i can get the dress for $200! If not, i found this website called Kelly Dresses or something like that, and they have it for $340! But i dont know wheather or not i can trust this website. They claim theyre located in Canada. Im not really sure, anyone know the website??

Dec 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

I checked out the perfect bridal website (the one in california) and they did not have the dress i wanted. I only found it on the chinese based website...also, the prices were very expensive and i cannot afford a dress from thheir website, thats why i looked on ebay for cheap priced dresses, i really want the dress and do not mind if its used, and i need it at a good price. I found the same dress on some website called zoo dresses and i found it for $106 but the dress looked a little different, but i could tell it was it. I think this website belongs to the chinese perfect bridal, they also had a pic of the original dress on a different model. I dont know if i should purchase it or not, someone please help me find my dream dress for a price i can afford.

Dec 29, 2011
My Dress
by: Anna

The second one is where I found the dress.

Dec 29, 2011
perfect bridal ca
by: Anna

Thank you for your comment, but i also thought they were in CA but theyre not. When i emailed them, they said theyre in china.


Here is a link where the Better Business Bureau has rated the business BBB rating
They also go by Brides of California and Perfectbridal.com. Is this the business website you saw your gown? Or is it this website?

Perfect Wedding Dress Finder

Dec 29, 2011
Is It PerfectBridal.com Or Perfectbridaldress.com
by: Perfect Wedding Dress Finder

Hi Anna,

I noticed something when I did a Google search on Perfect Bridal that when you type in www.perfectbridal.com it is a website originating here in the US out of California. They sell "authentic designer gowns" at a discount price.

Usually with discounters you will find about a 10% to 30% savings off regular retail prices. They do ship the same designer gowns you see in bridal shops at a savings. If you really want a designer gown at a savings buying from a discounter, is the best way to order. They will say that they sell authentic designer wedding dresses on their site and their sites usually originate domestically and not from China. There are a number of them here in the US. You just will not see the drastic discounts you will from China wedding dress wholesalers.

But if you are looking at the site www.perfectbridaldress.com which on their site the header says "Perfect Bridal" this is a China based site. They are wedding dress wholesalers who make replica wedding gowns and some of their own designs. On their site they are using pictures of designers' bridal gowns mixed in with pictures of some of their own designs, which can be confusing. One thing that is a give away that you are working with an offshore wholesaler is that the prices are unbelievably lower than the prices of designer wedding dresses.

Now when you deal with a discounter of authentic designer gowns you are not going to see such deep discounts. But the quality of the gown will be what you would expect because they buy their gowns from the same manufacturers and get the same exact dresses that the bridal shops buy from.

I assume that since you titled your comment Perfect Bridal China that you are looking at the China based site. You need to do a Google search for reviews on the site to see what other brides have written about their services. I later remembered that I received two reviews about this site. One was very favorable and the other was not. Here is a link to read about it Perfect Bridal Reviews

Hope this is helpful.

Perfect Wedding Dress Finder

Dec 29, 2011
More Information on Perfect Bridal
by: Anna

I just thought i should add that i sent them an email telling them I want the dress to look EXACTLY like the picture and I emphasized EXACTLY in every email, and I haven't gotten an email ever since. I sent out my sizes and how I wanted the dress to look, but still no reply. Also, I was on their website and it said 100% satisfaction and their site was PayPal approved. They also have picture of their awards and models in fashion shows....do you think those pics could be fake? They also had pics of their factory, so I'm pretty sure its not some scam, but I don't want to purchase a dress thinking its the dress of my dreams and then being stuck with it if its not. Please check out their website at www.perfecrbridal.com and check out their "about us" page and give me your opinion.
P.s. It's a wedding dress but I'm getting it red because I'm not the bride, lol, but i have to dress like a bride because I'm getting married next, but my dress cant be white (cultural thing)

Dec 29, 2011
Perfect Bridal Dress Return Policy
by: Anna

Thank you SO much. Their return policy is if the problem is the sizes, they don"t refund or exchange your dress, but if they had the wrong color or it was their fault, you can return/exchange the dress. They have multiple pictures of the dress and each picture has a different price. Also in each picture the dress looks different. I loved the dress on the model and I will post a pic and if anybody has any suggestion where I could purchase this dress, please comment!!! I"m going to post a pic if the designer dress, real photo (2), the straps I wanted them to add :)

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