Wedding Dress Advice for a Second Time Older Bride

by Laura

I was very young when I got married the first time and my dress was big, heavy and over the top with a huge train and giant sleeves (what was I thinking?). I am 46 and getting married again. I am getting married in the late summer or early fall in an outdoor setting.

I am 5'4" and weigh about 170 lbs. I have a larger size stomach and smaller bust: 38C. I do like my legs and I am even considering wearing a shorter length or tea length gown. If I wear a long gown, I do not want a train. I am also undecided if I should wear a color since it is not my first wedding. I am not sure what style of dress to search for. I also feel like I look better in V-necklines, but should I search for something different?

Hi Laura,

When it comes to picking something for a second time bride, there are no restrictions as to what you can wear. You really have a wide variety of wedding gown styles awaiting you.

You can choose any color you want. You can have a train or not. You can wear a short wedding dress, such as knee length or tea length if you want.

Another choice some make is to choose a wedding suit in the form of a two-piece dress with a jacket, or a matching jacket and skirt combination.

Try on some gowns in different styles to see what looks best on you. If you like the V-neckline that would be a good choice, but try on some other necklines just to see if there is something else you might like.

From the description you gave it sounds like you may not want to cause attention to your waist and stomach area. An empire waist gown is one style you can consider. These are popular now, especially those that have the Goddess dress styling made out of soft flowing fabrics. An empire waist wedding dress will give the most hiding power for the waist and stomach area.

If you want something more fitted you can try something that has a ruched or pleated bodice. When those tucks are at a diagonal they not only focus attention away from problem areas... they also give the illusion of curves. Many women with your shaping have found that a dress with diagonal pleating on the bodice makes them appear to have an hourglass figure.

One style that is popular you may find challenging to wear because of your height is the mermaid style. It tends to make a short person appear shorter and disproportionate. Especially if the flare of the gown doesn't start above the knee. Plus if a lot has to be shortened at the hem this will cut off too much of the flare. So be careful if you choose a mermaid wedding dress style when you are petite.

An A-line dress silhouette is a good choice for your height and shaping as well. Here are some tips when it comes to picking A-line wedding dresses.

So that you can see some examples of styles for encore brides, go to my Pinterest board and check these second time bride wedding dresses out.

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