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Got To Look Better Than The First Wife

by Jenni

My special day is coming up very soon, and I have yet to get a dress! This is the 2nd marriage for both of us. I want simple, yet still want to be beautiful. I have to look great. I want my man to be proud to have me as his bride.


When I saw the title of your post, it made me smile! Because I have dealt with many brides over the years, and have had brides express the same sentiments. So I know exactly what you mean about wanting to look better than the first wife.

Now when it comes to helping you find the perfect wedding dress for your wedding, I am a little at a disadvantage. Why? I don't have any specific information about your wedding formality, your figure type or your likes and dislikes when it comes to bridal fashion. That means I can only give you general guidelines here. Plus since this is a public posting area you wouldn't want to go into to much detail here anyway.

And since you posted this under the Mature Advice section I am going to assume that you may be one who doesn't want the typical big dress with long train. So here are my suggestions…

First, I tell everyone... choose something that compliments your figure type and coloring. Make sure it is a style you feel comfortable wearing. Don't try to wear something you know you will be self conscious in all day. And please make sure the fabric doesn't wrinkle easily. Unsightly wrinkles are uncomplimentary for any outfit.

Reflect on styles that you have worn for other dressy occasions you received lots of compliments on (especially from your fiancé) and find something similar to wear for your wedding attire. Think in terms of necklines, dress silhouettes, colors and details that brought about compliments in the past.

Here are a few gown silhouettes that mature brides liked based on polls taken on this site and ideas from those I have worked with over the years. Favorite style lines are… narrow a-line shapes, column or sheath skirts and mermaid fit and flare silhouettes. Some mature brides will go for a two piece special occasion gown, formal dress or suit.

There are a few neckline styles mature brides like… V- neck and off the shoulder top the list. Some wear sleeveless looks, halter neck and strapless style gowns, if they can find a wrap or jacket to go over it. Most mature brides don't like their arms and backs out, so some want a wedding gown with sleeves, which is a little more challenging to find but can be done.

If you want a dress that has no train or just a sweep train... look at the bridal designers destination wedding dress or informal wedding gown collections. Try your local department stores formal wear section or their online stores. Some department stores like Macy's only sell bridal gowns online. David's Bridal has gowns you might like in the store and there are styles online that are not in the store you might like.

I hope these suggestions will get you started in finding the perfect wedding dress that makes you a standout! If you want more of a private consultation with specific information geared more to you… then fill out my contact form, and I will be glad to help you!

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