Wedding Dress Advice Please Help!

by Linda

I'm getting married next year. I'm an older bride and a size 22. What do I wear? We are not getting married in a church. I don't want to look too young, then again, I don't want to look too old. Been looking in shops going round and round till my head hurts. Please,please help if you can!

Hi Linda,

If the bridal shops don't have what you want, try looking at wedding dress shops online. There is an online shop that specialize in plus size wedding dresses.

If you are looking for an informal wedding dress you can look in the evening wear section of the department stores. Some older brides find that some gowns typically worn as "mother's" gowns, will make the perfect wedding dress to get married in. You can also consider using a special occasion suit to use as a bridal suit.

There is more information under the mature bride and the plus size bride sections of this site.

If you have any further questions, use the contact me form on this site.


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