Wedding Dress Shopping Dilema!

by Margaret
(Amboy, IL USA)

I am on my third marriage and I am looking for the perfect dress to go with the perfect groom. He has wanted to come with me while I try some on, but we really haven't had the chance. I want him involved with everything. My first two were not the best, but i do have to say that I have three wonderful boys out of the terrible marriage. The second was a rebound, was not meant to be. Now I doing it right this time and for good. He is 13 yrs older , but is awesome. I just want to blow him away by the way I look. I have found a few dresses, but not sure what to try on. I am 5'6" and middle weight, I have a small chest and small waist. I know that I do not want a ball gown and i do not want pure white. I am wanting something straight and simple, but eye catching. Please help!

Hi Margaret,

Congratulations! It can be a little intimidating when you think about having to shop for your wedding dress. It's going to be hard to suggest something without seeing you, but I think I can give you some suggestions to get you started. So where should you start?

What I would do if I were you is think about necklines, dress silhouettes, and colors that compliment your body shape and your natural coloring. You probably have your favorites and I'm sure you have in your wardrobe items of clothing that you have received compliments on. Now take a look at those and note the neckline and shaping of those items, so when you go wedding dress shopping you will know more about what will look good on you.

Since you mentioned you have a small waist you should look at dress styles that feature your waist. Dresses that have sashes and cummerbund bands at the natural waistline are good. Mermaid style, dropped waist and a-line wedding dress styles are great choices.

Some who are small busted, like the way they look in a sweetheart neckline as opposed to a straight across neckline. The most popular neckline is a strapless, but if you don't particularly like strapless, you can purchase a jacket to go with it. There are more styles coming back that aren't strapless with various necklines.

You can have your alterations specialist add pushup cups to your bra, or cups to the dress if you don't want to wear a bra, to fill out the bust area and give a little cleavage.

As for color, you can choose any color you wish. I see a lot of brides using ivory more than white right now in my business.

These are just a few suggestions of what styles I've seen work with various body shapes. based on my experience as a wedding dressmaker and alterations specialist. But still be open to trying on different styles to see what you like and what you find looks best on you. Have fun dress shopping!

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When you make your choice I would love to see what you end up with. If you wish you can come back to the site and upload a picture of your dress.

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