Wedding Invitation Assembly
How To Stuff The Envelope

You have ordered your wedding invitations and they have just arrived. Now it is time for wedding invitation assembly. Where do you start? Are you required to stuff the envelopes a certain way?

When it comes to etiquette for wedding invitations there is a suggested way that you put the wedding invitation enclosures together. Lets look at what you may have as enclosures.

  • Invitation
  • Reception Card
  • Respond Card
  • Maps or driving directions to ceremony and reception
  • Pew Cards
  • Information about accommodations for out of town guests

The first four wedding invitations enclosures are what you most commonly place with your invitation. Pew cards are optional. The accommodation information can be sent with the invitation, but most couples are sending this information with the save the date announcement. Another way to handle this is to place this information on your wedding website.

couples invitation

Wedding Invitation Assembly
Stacking Your Wedding Invitation Enclosures

When it comes to assembling your wedding invitations, the way this should be handled depends on the way your invitation is folded.

If your invitation is a single fold... you stack all your invitation enclosures on top of the invite. Stack everything on top of the invite with the least important items on top. So you would have the invitation, reception card, respond card under the respond envelope flap (not inside the respond envelope), and any other wedding invitation inserts you need to add on top of this.

If you have an invitation with a double fold or more... then all the enclosures go under the fold, in most cases, in the order that was mentioned previously.

All the enclosures go in the inner envelope and then is placed in the outer envelope.

What about the tissue that the invitation companies supply? Do you need to use it? Well, with the way today's printing is done you don't need to use them. In the past, the ink could leave an impression if it had not dried properly so the tissue would be placed over the type to keep it from making an impression on the invitation or its enclosures.

Today you can omit using the tissue, if you wish. But if you want to use it, you place it over the type on the invitation.


Should You Include Registry Information In The Invitation?

Traditional etiquette for wedding invitation assembly require that you should not include registry information with the invitations. This information should be passed on by word of mouth, by you and your family. You can also list that information on your wedding website.

But if you decide to enclose the registry cards with the wedding invitation, most experts agree that it is in poor taste to include several cards from different places. I once got an invitation that had 5 registry cards fall out of the invitation when opened. This screams "it's all about the gifts."

When it comes to wedding invitation assembly remember that... the more enclosures you put with you invitation, the higher the postage will be. Always, after assembling your wedding invitations, take one to the post office to have it weighed to see how much the postage will be. Do not omit this step. Some brides have placed the wrong postage on the envelope only to have the invitations come back to them.

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