by Georgie
(Great britain)

I have had the experience from hell! To all you brides looking for a cheaper wedding dress exercise this option with extreme caution.

I looked at this site thinking it was UK based, falling in love with my dream dress with no hesitation and a reasonable price added to the shopping cart and payed. Then realised it was in the province of China. OK I thought it still might be lovely, and was impressed by the beautiful website.

SIX WEEKS HAVE PAST AND NO DRESS!!! So I emailed the company, "Yes dear we have sent the dress 26th Oct!" I became suspicious just with the name. They gave me a bogus tracking number I was fuming. I emailed them again it took them 3 days to respond and then gave me another tracking number. I rang TNT and they located item without an address. So emailed them again, then they said I had given them the wrong address. Now I was angry it was clearly stated twice on their website.

This went on for two days! Then I said I'm getting married in two weeks I need the dress when will it be here. It will be there soon dear! Well I'm sorry that's not good enough this is my big day, and I need it as I'm getting married abroad. What date can I expect it? Soon dear just give us the right address.

By this time I was going stir crazy almost hyperventilating so that was it. I opened a case with PayPal which is ongoing. They said if I dropped the dispute they will send the dress. Do they think I'm stupid! If I end the case I can't reopen it,then I will not get the dress or the money.

This company is a con and have seriously tried to blackmail me I'm highly stressed out and I probably will not get my money back until the end of the month if I win the case! By which time I'll be in the Caribbean and have no dress. I cannot afford another one!! Please be warned girlies!!!

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Mar 16, 2011
Wedding Dresses From China -That's my money saved
by: Cat Peterborough

After looking at your review and what others said about I can quite happily say you have saved me a lot of money. But I find the shops in the UK are asking for over 1600 for the dresses I like which does make the overseas market look more attractive I am getting married next year and I am looking for a good quality dress that wont cost a car's price does anyone know any decent shops in East Anglia Way that sell dresses for less that 500??

Hi Cat,

Thanks for your feedback. I am glad that the information on this site was helpful to you.

One thing you should remember about the overseas market manufacturers is that they are using the pictures from the designers sites. So the gowns will naturally look beautiful.

They don't show you the pictures of the dresses they actually make in most cases, because they will not look like the designers gowns they are copying. You also will not be getting the quality you would get from a designer. This is why the gowns can be sold at an unbelievably cheap price!

If you are a bride who likes designer quality, but don't have the budget for it... your best bet would be to get a preowned designer wedding dress. This way you can get a very well made quality gown at a very affordable price.

I am finding that many brides who come in to me for alterations are saving a lot by doing this. You can buy from other brides on eBay. One bride I know got a Maggie Sottero gown that would have been about $1500 for under $80. The gown was in mint condition. This bride found hers on eBay. But there are other places online and maybe a consignment shop in your community that sell preowned wedding dresses.

Another way brides are saving money on their favorite designer gowns is that they are buying sample wedding gowns from the bridal shops. I have had some save as much as half off the retail price.

If you really want a "new" dress try finding a store online that sells "authentic" designer wedding dresses at a discount. You are looking at saving between 15% to 40% off the retail price. Many of the stores in the US will ship internationally. I think I have come across a few there in the UK that sell discount bridal gowns online.

In the mean time hopefully some others will chime in here to give you some suggestions.


Nov 11, 2010
Bad Review Of
by: Desiree

Wow!!! What an experience! I am sorry to hear that you are having such a terrible time ordering your wedding dress. I truly hope everything goes in your favor with your PayPal case. I also hope that you will find a wedding dress before your wedding that you will like just as well as the one you ordered.

Thanks for submitting your review! I'm sure this will be helpful to other brides.

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