Vintage Wedding Dress Designers Blend Modern Styling With The Past

Flapper Style Fringe Party Dress in White Silver

Are you the type of bride who like the styles from the past? Then a vintage wedding dress is what you need. Where can you find these dresses? There are websites that sell them and designers that create the designs.

  • Some designers' vintage wedding gown collections can only be purchased directly from them .
  • Others have their collections sold only at bridal shops.
  • You can also purchase these gowns from online shops.

Get Your Vintage Wedding Dress Custom Made

Why not have a vintage gown for your wedding custom designed for you!

  • You can look for a local wedding dressmaker to create a vintage style wedding dress for you!
  • There are vintage wedding gown patterns that your gown can be made from.
  • Some dressmakers have design skills which means they can work from pictures or sketches that you provide.

If you can't find a local wedding dressmaker to work with, you can also design your own wedding dress online at sites that will do custom wedding dresses from your picture. You can send them a picture and description of what you want, and they will create the gown for you.

Vintage Wedding Gown Designers And Shops

Below are are a couple of designers to check out!

Eternity Gown in White

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