Hiring A Personal Wedding Dress Consultant Will Make Finding Your Perfect Dress Much Easier!

If you are a busy bride... (I haven't met one who wasn't)

Why should you consider hiring your own personal wedding dress consultant?

The answer would be... to make choosing your dress a fast easy process! Plus you want to avoid the frustration that usually happens when purchasing a wedding gown!

Your schedule is jam packed without planning a wedding! Now you really need someone to fast-track your through the gown search and find process!

Hi I'm Desiree Brown, the owner of this website and a personal wedding dress consultant or coach.

I want to help you have a happy experience finding your perfect wedding dress! I'm sure you may be wondering... do you really need help?

A Personal Wedding Dress Consultant? Do You Really Need One?

"I can work with you at any stage of your wedding gown search!"

  • From the very beginning and to help throughout the process until your dress is altered.
  • You've searched on your own without success and now want help.
  • You purchased a gown and realize it's not right one for you and want to know if it can be restyled to your design needs.
  • You are at the alterations stage and aren't sure about what you REALLY need done and need reassurance.

Good question!

If you've already started your search... then you may already know about the frustration many brides experience and realize you could use some help. If this is the case... you can skip on down the page to find out how I can personally help you.

But if you are on the fence... answering the following questions can help you decide if you need my help.

  • Are you overwhelmed by so many bridal gown choices?
  • When and where should you start? (It's not by looking at pictures of gowns.)
  • Who should you take with you bridal gown shopping? (This depends on a few factors you need to know up front)
  • Do you wish you had someone to bounce ideas off that isn't biased in their opinions? (This is where I can help.)
  • Are you planning to buy your wedding gown online and will not be able to try it on before purchasing. (This is risky unless you do your homework first by getting advice from an expert.)
  • How do you avoid becoming one of those brides who have wedding dress regrets or buyers remorse? (Get it right the first time and there will be no do overs!)
  • I'm always busy, so how can I fast track this process? (Hire me and I will guide you through it providing you a hassle free experience!)

So how did you do?

The last 3 questions are critical and show strongly if you could benefit from hiring your own personal wedding dress consultant.

You need someone who will cater to YOUR personal situation and keep in mind everybody is an individual. I learned this when I use to custom make and design wedding dresses. You don't want a cookie cutter approach!

The above questions will help you to evaluate if you need your own personal bridal gown consultant. If you feel you already have adequate help... that's actually great!

What About Using The Bridal Shop Bridal Consultant Or A Wedding Planner?

Bridal shop wedding dress consultants are helpful in getting you into a gown based on their shops stock. This is the cookie cutter approach, which limits your design choice. This works for some, and may be all that you need.

But if you want some personal attention and guidance given to YOU... they are not set up to devote a lot of time to one bride.

  • Bridal shop consultants are limited to only considering the designs their store stocks. Which makes you have to go from store to store. But there's a way to cut out some of this wasted time! This is where I can help.
  • What If you have a wedding planner? Some offer these services others don't help you at all with shopping for a gown! And since their fees for this can be costly this may not be the best option.

It all boils down to this...

There is some ground work you better know BEFORE you go shopping for your wedding gown that will save you money and undo frustration. 

If you happen to see that you have some gaps in your knowledge... then what you don't know can come back to bite you in terms of wasted time and budgets blown. Not to mention the stress you will experience if you don't get this right!

The one thing I know for sure is... if you don't get the right answers from the beginning you, will end up choosing the wrong dress and have to start all over again!

I know that this happens more often than you think!  As a wedding dress alteration specialist for over 20 years... I saw this happen a lot!

Why Choose Me As Your Personal Wedding Dress Consultant?

Hello I'm Desiree Brown, and I want to make your wedding dress search and shopping experience easy and stress free!

Does that sound like something you would like?

I hope so. As a former wedding dressmaker, designer, discount wedding gown buyer and alterations specialist with over 35 years of experience and I'm offering to share my expertise with you as your wedding dress consultant!

As you can see from this website... I really have given you the information for free to help you pick, find, buy and alter your perfect wedding dress. Using the information on this site you can actually do this task without my help!

But that means searching through the many pages of this website, which takes a lot of time! Plus you may have questions or special circumstances you would like to talk with someone about.  Hopefully you would choose to reach out to me! 

Getting Started With A Free Consultation!

So to help start the process... I offer a FREE... what I call a discovery appointment! I can give you 15 minutes by phone.

  • If you decide to work with me, we can do phone calls, video chats and email to communicate. Whichever works best for you.
  • All you need to do is to please fill out the form below with as much information as possible. The more information you give me, the better it will help me determine how much help you need.
  • If you don't know the answers to some of the questions leave it blank. It's not necessary to know everything right now depending on where you are in the search for your gown.
  • Once I receive the form.. I will contact you as soon as possible by email to set up the call!

I hope you will allow me to add you to the list of the many happy brides I've worked with over the years.

My business motto is "Helping brides achieve the picture perfect look." I hope as your wedding dress consultant, to have the chance to do that for you!

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