Design Your Own Wedding Dress A Unique Wedding Dress For You!

"How to design your own wedding dress using a Dressmaker"

Design sketch of a wedding dress

You can't find the wedding dress you want so you decide to design your own wedding dress. You know you need to begin with a sketch or some pictures.

The question now is... do you have the skills to design your own wedding dress by drawing a picture like the one you see here.

If you said no, you are not by yourself. So what can you do?

Could the dressmaker draw a design for you from pictures of wedding gowns you will provide? Yes they could, but you don't have to go that route.

If you are using a sewing professional most are able to take your handful of pictures and sketch something up for you.

But if you do a little organizing of your pictures, it will save the seamstress time which will save you money.

Organizing your pictures or providing a drawing for the dressmaker will help her understand your design concept.

But before you can begin to design your own bridal gown, make sure you incorporate what you learned about picking the right dress for you. This is extremely important! You have to know what will look good on you before designing your wedding dress.

An additional thought... wedding dress designers all say you should make sure your wedding dress design doesn't overpower you! Your wedding dress should enhance your overall look.

  • When it comes to designing a dress some brides tend to have too many details on the dress. Which then the bridal gown tends to look to much like a costume. 
  • Resist the urge to add lots of details to your wedding gown!

When you walk down the aisle the first thing people should notice is YOU! Your dress should be second! So try not to over do it.

Start Designing By Creating A Sketch With These Easy Methods

These methods are very hands on, but will allow you greater creativity. The first is you can cut out pictures of wedding dresses and do a sort of "scrapbook page or collage." I call this the collage method.

Collage Method

Another method you can use involves "tracing details" off of wedding dress pictures to come up with a drawing. This is the tracing method.

Tracing paper method

These methods were used by brides to show their design ideas. Even though they didn't draw their designs, they were able to convey their design ideas accurately to me using these methods!

You will make a good impression on the dressmaker if you do this up front work. Click on the links below for the method that best suits you to design your own wedding dress. Have fun!

Let's Get Started...

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Need to Find a wedding dressmaker to design your wedding dress? Read this article to find out how to pick a wedding dressmaker you can trust to design a wedding dress to your specifications.

If you can't locate a dressmaker near you who specializes in custom making wedding gowns, then the next place to look is on the web.

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