Design Your Own Wedding Gown: Where To Find The Best Design Ideas

"Start to design your own wedding dress by
gathering wedding dress pictures"

Want to design your own wedding gown? Likely you have pictured in your mind a particular wedding dress silhouette with its design details. Need some pictures to bring your design to life?

Picking out pictures is the first step in this series on designing your own wedding dress. You are going to learn what is involved with redesigning a gown, having a wedding dressmaker create one or how to make your own wedding gown.

When you are ready to learn how to get started designing a wedding dress click this link.

Where Can You Find Pictures Of Wedding Dresses?

But as I said you need to pick out pictures of wedding gowns you like. You might like parts of one gown and another part of one. What are the best sources for finding pictures?

Now . . . start looking for ideas in bridal magazines such as "Brides Magazine" or "Modern Brides Magazine."

Just a tip---the biggest issue of those magazines is the Feb/March issue of any year.

Try doing a Google search for wedding dress pictures. You might come up with some unique ideas.

Have you tried The wedding dress search tools? You can search by designers names to access their collections.

The "advance search tool" helps you search according to design details. Try it out, who knows . . . you might find your perfect wedding dress already exists!

Once you find pictures of wedding gowns that you like . . . you will probably decide which wedding dress design details appeal to you.

Now its time to gather your pictures and put something together on paper to create for your wedding a design for your own dress.

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