Must Have Wedding Dress Accessories

"You have picked your wedding dress... now what? Now you must pick the right wedding dress accessories to go with it!"

"Everything you wear or carry, while wearing your wedding dress on your big day, must harmonize with your gown, the formality and theme of your wedding!"

mariell rose gold crystal tiara
mariell silver crystal bracelet and earring set

If you purchase your gown from a bridal store, you can generally pick out some of these items while there. This is very convenient because they have everything from the headpiece, to the shoes, and everything in between, that will go with your dress.

Of course you are going to pay a premium price for this convenience. But you don't have to! You can go to a department store and buy some of these things for a lot less. Or you can order all of this stuff online and save money in some cases.

"Below is a list of what you might need, with links to additional tips and suggestions for how to pick these items."

hair ornament

Headpiece, Bridal Tiara or Hair Ornaments Learn how a headpiece that will go with your bridal gown.

bridal veil

Wedding Veil Designs How to pick one that will enhance your wedding gown.

jewelry set

Wedding Jewelry Sets Choose a necklace and earrings that will enhance your wedding dress and the shape of your face.

While wedding dress shopping, you may have tried on these accessories when trying on bridal gowns. You should now have a good idea of what you want. But  again instead of purchasing everything on the spot, go shop for them somewhere else for a better selection and to save money.

You could save yourself a few hundred dollars by doing this. If you can't find what you want online or locally for less... then go back and purchase what you tried on at the bridal shop.

strapless bridal bra

Bridal Bra - Strapless, Backless Bras and Specialty Bras are very important to how your gown ultimately looks on you. It is a must that you choose the best one for you.

bridal slip

Shapewear- Bodyslimmers Which one should you choose? Check out what is available to you.

bridal petticoat

Bridal Petticoat - Tips on picking the correct crinoline bridal slip.

Remember... what you wear under your dress has as much impact as your outer accessories. So don't leave your wedding dress accessories for a last minute wedding shopping trip. 'When you do that it is more likely you will forget something and could end up with a thrown together look!"

white bride shoes

Comfortable Bridal Shoes Helpful information on how to pick shoes that you can stay in all day.

bridal bouquet

Bridal Bouquet- Choose the right one for your wedding gown.

bridal gown bag

´╗┐Wedding Dress Garment Bag- Does it really matter which garment bag you use? Should you use a vinyl bridal bag or a breathable one? Which is best?

Now when it comes to wedding dress accessories, not every bride will need or want every thing above. But what is listed is essentially what most brides need. Below are some additional items you might want to consider:

  • Gloves add an elegant, sophisticated look to a gown. Perfect look for the ceremony!
  • Bridal Purse used to carry essentials like, tissues, make up, mints and emergency items.
  • Bridal Wrap or Fur use for covering up or to enhance your overall look.
  • Handkerchief to use for you or the groom or to have as a keepsake.
  • Bridal Garter Set as a keepsake or use for the garter toss.
  • Lingerie, Stockings, Garter Belts are useful underpinnings or as special under the dress lingerie.

To top everything off... you need to have the right bridal hair style, wedding day makeup and manicure and pedicure to complete your look.

Wedding dress accessories are like the icing on a cake! They are your finishing touches, so that on your wedding day you will have the "picture perfect look."

"So make sure you take the time to pick the right accessories that compliment you and your wedding gown." If you need a few more tips regarding the importance of taking time to pick the right wedding gown accessories , read this article.

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