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For many years I was a wedding dress alteration specialist. I found that brides had questions about wedding alterations, that they wished they had someone to ask before purchasing their bridal dress.

Below are some  frequently asked questions that came up from time to time in my line of business. Maybe you will find an answer to some questions you may have.

This first one is a very common question. So it's isolated by itself. Others are under a FAQ list below with pages dedicated to answering those questions. I hope you will find them helpful!

I was measured for my dress why do I still need alterations done to my gown?

Wedding gowns are designed for what is considered the ideal figure which is a balanced body shape. The standard height for the ideal figure used for designing a wedding dress is about 5'9".

There are---no figure exaggerations on this figure type--- thus creating what is considered the balanced body shape. Each manufacturer have their own standard measurements they go by.

The point I want you to know is... "if you don’t match the designers' ideal figure proportions exactly you should expect to need bridal alterations."

Unfortunately only 10 percent of women match the measurements. That's why most need some type of altering done to their wedding and formal wear clothing.

Are there some gowns made to measure? Yes, in some instances some manufacturers will do some made to measure areas on a wedding dress. Find out more about this on the next page.

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