Design Your Own Wedding Dress: Reasons You Might Want To Do It

  • Should you design your own wedding dress?
  • What’s involved?
  • Where can you get ideas for your bridal gown design?
  • Do you need drawing skills?

Perhaps, these questions are running through your mind. Designing starts with getting your ideas down on paper first. So let's start with that.

I'll start by answering the questions I proposed in the beginning . . . YES under certain circumstances you should design your wedding dress! I will show you how!

And no you don’t need drawing skills. Nor will you need to hire someone to draw your wedding dress design.

I will teach you some easy methods so that you can do it yourself.

When you design your wedding dress you have the design already in your mind. Now you need a way to get it on paper. You can sketch it if you have drawing skills.

If you don’'t have drawing skills what can you do?

Any of these methods that you choose will produce a picture of a wedding dress designed by you.

Reasons to design your own wedding dress

My opinion is "I feel every bride designs her dress in some form or fashion. You likely will are able to find what you have in mind among the many wedding dress designs the designers have created.

But you want a unique design for your wedding dress. You can’t find the exact dress you want anywhere. In this case, you will need to take a picture to a sewing professional to have a custom made wedding gown created.

Perhaps you are thinking of having a wedding gown re-designed. Re-designing can be done to a newly purchased gown or one that is a second hand wedding dress. . . Had you considered doing this?

Re-designing a bridal gown can be done to most styles if you want minor modifications, additions or deletions to your gown. This is a way to add your personal touch to any wedding gown.

"I find that many don’t realize this can be done." Contact your local wedding dress maker for this service.

And lastly . . . if you make your own wedding dress you need to design your wedding dress first on paper to have something to refer to when working on your wedding dress pattern.

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