Unique Wedding Dresses
How To Find The Right One For You?

Are you looking for unique wedding dresses?

Then you are likely a bride who wants a wedding gown that will show your personal sense of style.

Or maybe you are a bride who is just tired of seeing the same old styles and want something different for yourself.

You want a bridal dress that you don’t see everywhere.

Or perhaps you are having a unique wedding theme, complete with unique wedding invitations and unique wedding favors. The you probably will want a unique wedding gown.

How can you find a unique wedding gown? There are three ways:

unique wedding dress, wedding dress stands out

The perfect wedding dress for you may be one that is unusual in some way. ‘It must be original and have an air of excitement and drama!” ‘It stands out from the crowd.”

The elements that make up unique wedding gowns could include an original design, unique fabrics and embellishments on the gown.

But be careful, especially if you are having your dress custom made. If to much is going on your gown it can begin to look like a costume, instead of an elegant wedding dress.

Unique Wedding Dresses For Theme Weddings

One of the most popular wedding themes now are beach weddings. This calls for the right beach wedding gown, which is usually an informal style gown.

Vintage wedding dresses are making a comeback, especially the styles from the 50's and 60's.

Fairy tale weddings call for romantic, fairy tale wedding dresses, and princess wedding gowns. You know the type, the big ball gown cinderella wedding gown style.

For some themed weddings you need to look for unusual wedding dresses. What would those be?

Renaissance, Victorian and Elizabethan wedding dresses are needed for gothic or medieval wedding themes and are more like costumes than wedding dresses. Here are tips on finding medieval fairytale wedding gowns.

Weddings reflecting ones’ heritage or ethnicity such as Asian weddings, African weddings, and East Indian weddings are some of the popular ethnic wedding themes that require unique wedding attire.

The wedding dress color by itself can make a wedding dress unique. Have you seen lately the bridal magazines featuring red wedding dresses, or pink wedding gowns, black and white wedding dresses, or even black wedding gowns.

"Look for any one or a combination of these elements to make up your unique wedding dress."

In a case where your design is very unusual---you would need to have access to “good local dressmaker” to design parts, if not all of the wedding attire.

"The Mickey and Minnie Mouse Wedding"

The most unusual wedding I worked on was when a couple wanted to get married dressed like “Minnie and Mickey Mouse.”

I added a veil to the Minnie Mouse ears the bride purchased. To her dress I added the big bow on the front of the gown. The groom wanted the big gold buttons, the big shoes, bow tie and a tail made to accent his suit.

“And guess what day they were married on?” “You guessed right if you said Halloween.” They ended up on TV that day as an interesting news segment.

beautiful lazaro unique wedding gowns

More Unique Wedding Dress Options!

unique wedding dresses, mon cheir bridals
  • Colored wedding dresses are non-traditional wedding dresses. Take a look at this gallery of colored wedding gowns!
  • Short wedding dresses are a perfect choice for a bride who wants a unique look for an informal wedding or to use as a reception dress. Check out these dresses!
  • Western wedding dresses are perfect for the bride who is having a western theme wedding. This style is great if you want an unusual gown to wear for your big day.
  • Alternative wedding dresses. This is when you don't want the normal traditional wedding dress. You want a unique wedding dress. This could be found in many different forms.
  • Convertible Wedding Dresses Check out these convertible wedding dresses. No need to by 2 wedding gowns for your wedding. You get 2 wedding gowns from 1 style!

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