How To Choose A Wedding Dressmaker

When Creating Your Own Wedding Dress You Need The Right Sewing Professional

Need a wedding dressmaker to create a "one of a kind" wedding dress for you? Here are a few tips you should follow when choosing a sewing professional such as a dressmaker, seamstress or tailor to make your wedding gown:

  • Ask your family and friends for referrals. Do a search on the web and look in the yellow pages. Ask the fabric store clerks for referrals to local wedding dress makers. Some of the sales clerks sew for others. Go to for a list of sewing professionals in your state.
  • Write down some questions you want to ask on your initial contact by phone or email. You may find that all your questions will be answered on the sewing professionals website. So thoroughly check it out.
  • Bring all your sketches and pictures to show the wedding dressmaker. Organize them and label them clearly with the changes you desire.

  • Discuss her policies, look at contracts, ask about turn around times, forms of payment, fitting schedules.
  • Take a look at her portfolio of pictures. She may also have cards and letters from past customers you can read. Ask to see an actual gown in progress or she may have a sample gown already made she uses to show her work.
  • She may not be able to quote you a price that day. Most will need time to carefully give you a quote.
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I typically didn't give quotes on the initial visit because I carefully calculated all the materials need and the time it would take. I gave my clients a price range. I guaranteed the price would not go over the highest range as long as they didn't make any changes to the design. But each dressmaker runs her business differently. Some will add on to the price if it goes over what they quoted you because they miscalculated. So find her pricing policy before signing a contract.

  • Find out what the deposit is and when it is due.
  • Ask how the custom process works, ask about the fittings and how they will be scheduled and when, ask when the gown will be finished. All of this should be on your work agreement once you choose someone.

If you find a wedding dressmaker who meets your expectations then find out what the next steps would be to get into her schedule and get ready to create the perfect wedding dress for you!

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I found this article "What To Ask Your Wedding Dressmaker" on Real Simple Magazine. Good list of questions you should ask a seamstress making your wedding dress.

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