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So that you can get an idea of what others have said about my work... read these wedding dress alterations reviews and testimonials from past clients sent into Wedding Wire:

But first a message from me...

I want to thank all of the brides who have sent me cards and letters of appreciation for my services. And I also want to thank those who have posted reviews here and in other places on the web. Your comments are very much appreciated. It helps my business as well as other brides who are looking for a sewing professional to do wedding dress alterations for their gown.

If you are a bride considering my services...

My hope is that you will use my services and become a satisfied customer. These reviews serve as references for my work. You can also meet with me and view a portfolio of pictures and see cards and letters from former customers, some of which are posted here.

Hopefully, after receiving my services, you will want to come back and post a review of your own! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Desiree Brown
Desiree's Custom Sewing
Wedding Dress Alterations Specialist

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Below are wedding dress alterations reviews that I receive by cards and letters sent to me from past clients.

Dear Desiree, What a perfect fit! And I'm not talking me and my groom! My dress was beautiful and I received so many compliments! I didn't think it would be possible to take it in so much but you worked magic! Especially with the special bustle you created on the back! My daughter remembered her training she received and did you proud! I will be sending you some pics to add to your books in near future! Thanks for your attention to detail!

K. Himelrick
Wedding: July 2011

"Desiree was so professional, yet she added her personal suggestions to make a dress I despised to a dress I loved. She is an expert and perfectionist in her detail. I will use her for all of my alterations. Thank You so much Desiree! Even when I came to you a couple days before my wedding, you saved me. You are apart of my happy wedding memories. Thank you!!!!!"

Susanna M.
Wedding: October 2008

"I had special ordered my dress from Hawaii, when I received it I tried it on and I couldn't get it on. It was to small with a no return policy. I found Desiree and I was in a panic, she assured me she could help. I met with her within a few days and a week later she had fixed my dress to perfection!!! She is awesome, easy to work with and a wonderful lady!!! I would highly recommend her!!!!!!

Judy J.
Wedding: August 2008

"My dress turned out gorgeous. Everyone complimented me on how great it looked. Desiree had great idea's on how to change the dress to my liking."

Kristen M.
Wedding: July 2008

"Desiree's Custom Sewing is the best place to have your dress alteration. She had such great attention to detail and really took her time to explain the process to me and to give me multiple fittings along the way with each step of the process to ensure the perfect fit. I highly recommend Desiree's Custom Sewing for all of your alteration needs."

Tammy K.
Wedding: June 2008

Wedding Dress Alterations Reviews On File

These are wedding dress alterations reviews that are part of my portfolio of pictures, cards and letters from past brides who used my bridal alterations service. You can ask to see these when you come in for a visit.

"Thank you so much for all your work on the details of my dress. You are such answer to prayer with last minute arrangements! Thanks again and God bless you!"

Meredith M.

"I can't thank you enough for everything you did for me and my dress. If it wasn't for you I would have been a complete wreck. You were so kind to listen and make my dress perfect for me. It turned out beautifully! Even beyond that you are such a good person and it was so nice to work with someone who really cares. I refer you to everyone - thank you so much!"

Becky G.

"You're Great! Thank you so much for all your help to help with my wedding day essentials. My invitations were wonderful. My gown and my bridesmaids, you did a great job! Thanks so much!

Stacie B.

"Kristen and Nils have been married almost 2 weeks, and I must thank you for all that you did for and with the 3 "Williams Girls" to make the day so special for us all. It was not just your superb sewing and and altering expertise, but your calm and thoughtful way of dealing with us at each stage of planning. Thank you for your understanding and patience!!

I have not forgotten about your pictures either... Again "thank you" for helping to make things go so smoothly!

Jennifer W.

"We the members of the Miles Bridal Party would like to thank you for the alterations that you did for us. We thank God for you, your time and service. God Bless You"

The Miles

"Thank you for doing a wonderful job on my dress. It looked great and we all had a wonderful day. I'll recommend you to everyone..."

Corinne M.

"Thank you so much for your help with my dress. It is perfect and beautiful! You're an angel - I'm so thankful I found you. Thank you also for being so flexible with your schedule for me. I really appreciate all your work. God Bless You!"

Nikki L.

"These are just a few of the wedding dress alterations reviews that past brides sent to me. Hopefully you will become one of my satisfied customers also, and will be so moved as these brides were to write a testimonial for me as well!"

If you would like to write a review of my services...
Here is you chance!

If you would like to leave a wedding dress alterations review of my services.... please fill in the form below. Your review will be posted here on this site. Thanks again for patronizing my business and for submission!

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Read Wedding Dress Alterations Reviews From Other Brides

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Click here to write your own.

Any negative reviews...

Something that doesn't normally occur for me is to get a negative review about my wedding dress alterations services. And it is also rare for me to have complaints from brides about my work. Well... two brides I worked with last summer (2010) posted semi-negative reviews and gave me low ratings on Wedding Wire.

I have earned the Brides Choice Award 3 years in a row because of the number of good reviews I receive each year. Outside of Wedding Wire... I have seen reviews about my wedding dress alterations services pop up in searches on the internet on various sites and so far all have been good.

After receiving all 5 star reviews... this is the first negative review I had posted on Wedding Wire. I fully addressed the review below on the Wedding Wire site. But if you didn't see it there, here is what was posted:

The Bride's comment: "I purchased a sample gown which needed minimal alterations. Since the dress was heavily beaded, I needed someone with experience. I chose Desiree because of great reviews and I called her to ask whether she could do it. She said people brought her dresses all the way from Kleinfeld's to alter, so I was reassured. I was originally very happy with said alterations, but when I put the dress on 2 days before my wedding, the bust was huge! I had not lost any weight, so I didn't understand what had happened. I rushed to Desiree's and she fixed it. However, the same thing happened at the wedding. I think my dress may have been too complicated for her."

Here is my response:

"I am disappointed to hear that your gown didn't fit the way you wished the day of the wedding. Just as you said after the initial alterations (taking it in, hemming, and bustle), in May you picked up the gown which fit well and the alterations meet your expectations. Then 11 days before the wedding, two days before you left the area, you contacted me because you needed another adjustment to tighten the neckline/bust area. After making that adjustment, we (including your fiancé) agreed after trying the on gown you were both pleased again with the results. So I totally empathize with the fact that on your wedding day you were disappointed to find that some how within the 11 days when you last saw me a change occurred with you and the dress no longer fit as closely as before."

"My goal is to have brides look great and feel comfortable in their gown on their wedding day. I am sorry you feel that in the end I didn't meet that goal. But despite the problem you encountered, I was glad to read in one of your other review comments, that you had dozens of people give you compliments on how you looked in the dress! Looking back at the pictures I took of you when you picked up the gown... I am sure you were a beautiful bride on your wedding day! I still appreciate your using my services and I wish you the very best!"

I felt I had to address this review of my wedding dress alterations services because some important timelines and information was left out that would give a clearer picture of what happened. She really had time to lose inches even though she had not seen a change in her weight. And with a strapless dress that also has a low back, if you lose 1/2 to an1 inch, it will be a little too big. In 11 days this can happen.

Another Review on Wedding Wire. Now this one totally took me by surprise because it was submitted June 1, 2011 and the bride's wedding was July 31, 2010. She waited a whole year to submit her review of my wedding dress alterations services to Wedding Wire. Here is her comment:

"I went to Desiree with a simple halter gown that only needed a hem and a bustle. The price was well within what I thought the two together should cost but imagine my surprise when I find out that I did not get my money's worth. The hem was wonderful but when I went to bustle my dress at my reception it simply fell off. She had put a marking stitch in it but had never actually sewn the button onto my dress. My train was extremely dirty after the reception and I had to hold my dress up all night. She's gotten so many great reviews but I guess she didn't check behind herself on my dress."

I decided to call the bride to find out what happened because I couldn't tell if she was implying that I had never sewn a button on or that it was there and fell off. I knew it had to have been on the gown, because before a bride leaves with her dress, I require them to try it on, which I am sure this bride did. She had a hem shortened and an outer bustle done with 1 point. I always show how to do the bustle when the bride tries on the dress. Even when on a rare occasion a bride doesn't want to try on the dress I still show them how to do the bustle while the dress is on the hanger. So what happened?

"Based on what she said to me, apparently when her mother tried to hook up the bustle just the threads were there where the button was sewn. What may have happened is the shank on the button broke and left the treads sewn in place. As a result, she was not able to use her bustle at all that day. Since she didn't get to use her bustle at all, I felt I should reimburse her for the cost she paid for the bustle."

"What was nice about her was that she wasn't looking for me to reimburse her when I offered. She turned me down twice, but I insisted she let me mail it to her so she finally agreed. So I knew she wasn't trying to take advantage of me and I certainly didn't want her to feel that way about me either. I offered my sincere apologies for the situation and she seemed satisfied with the way I resolved the matter.."

It is rare for things like this to happen because I correct any problems before a bride leaves with her dress, but...

For if you encounter a problem with my wedding dress alterations services, what should you do? if you see a problem at any time during your fittings and a final pick-up, please let me know your concerns so I can address the problem.

If you wear your gown and have a problem that you feel was due to my workmanship... please call and let me know what your problem was and let me see if I can rectify the matter. This will help me to improve on my materials and the techniques I use.

"As a wedding dress alterations specialist, I strive to make sure that all my customers are satisfied and happy with the work I have done before they leave me. So before you decide to give a negative review... I would appreciate it if you would please do me the honor of allowing me to rectify the situation."

Bridal & Wedding Dress Alterations serving the entire Hampton Roads Area in Virginia including: Hampton, Newport News, Yorktown, Poquoson, Williamsburg, James City County, Norfolk, Smithfield, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, VA

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