Choose The Best Bridal Dress Style That Fit Your Wedding Theme

How do you choose the best bridal dress style to match your wedding theme?

  • First determine if your wedding will have a theme, if so...
  • Then pick a bridal dress to fit that theme

Some popular wedding themes right now are---

  • Beach - a dress that is ethereal, goddess styling, light drapery fabrics are some of the popular styles and fabrics
  • Country or Rustic - no particular style
  • Vintage - when you want to dress from another era of time
  • Hollywood Glam - fit and flare dresses are popular
  • Cinderella or Fairy Tale - full A-line or big ball gown dresses rule
  • Victorian or Renaissance - Dresses based on the Period or dresses with some style details of the time
  • Gothic Wedding Theme - characterized by dark colors and offbeat designs
  • Borrowed Culture - wedding themed around a culture different from your own

These are just a few wedding themes some brides consider when choosing a wedding gown. The suggestions above for dress styles are just suggestions, and not hard fast rules.

Some themes though, like Victorian, Renaissance and Vintage... need a specific type of dress to go with the theme.

Weddings Based On Tradition And Heritage

Are you having a wedding theme based around your "heritage or culture?" You will have to take into consideration the traditional wedding attire for this type of wedding.

You may want to blend a little tradition with contemporary trends for your best bridal dress style. This can be done by wearing "two different wedding dresses during your ceremony."

Some traditions call for several different changes in wedding attire during the wedding ceremony. So you could easily wear one dress reflecting your culture's "traditional wedding attire" and another wedding gown that is a "modern" style wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Tips:

Purchasing "two dresses" for a wedding, was helpful for one bride who had a conflict with her parents. The dilemma . . . the parents wanted a more "traditional dress" representing their heritage. But the bride wanted a "contemporary dress."

The solution to the problem was the bride wore the traditional wedding attire for the ceremony and then wore the dress of her choice for the reception. This way everyone was happy!

How The Time Of Day And The Time Of Year Impact Your Dress Choice

When picking your perfect dress, you need to consider the time of day that your ceremony is taking place and the time of year. There are some special considerations for destination weddings you need to work out.

Time of Day

If your ceremony takes place after 6:00 pm it usually means you will have a very formal wedding. Your bridal gown will usually be more elaborate. If it takes place in the morning, you can get away with a simple bridal dress.

Time of Year

The time of year your wedding takes place needs to be considered when selecting the best bridal dress that’s going to be comfortable for you.

Here are a few things to consider...

  • Are you planning for a Spring Wedding, Summer Wedding, Fall Wedding or Winter Wedding?
  • Will your wedding be outdoors?
  • Do you want to wear a big ball gown with layers of crinoline in the summer?
  • Will a strapless wedding gown work during the winter time?
  • Or will you need to consider wedding gowns with sleeves?
  • Will you need to find 'wraps made for bridal gowns?

Will You Be Doing A Destination Wedding

You need to consider what the weather will be like at the time of your wedding in order to pick a the best bridal dress that you will be comfortable all day in.

Also you need to know what the traditions are in the country you are having your wedding in case there are any wedding attire requirements you need to meet.

As you now see finding your perfect wedding dress involves more than considering what looks best on you. By now you have a general idea of your wedding theme and setting.

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