Dress Color Change - Can A Dress Be Dyed?

by anna
(charleston, sc)

So i finally found the dress of my dreams but its white!!! Is their anyway i can dye it or something and make it red???

Hi Anna,

If it is 100% silk or made of natural fiber fabrics I hear that they take dye well. But if it is made out of man made fibers, like polyester, nylon, acetate, etc.... these fabrics don't take dye as well. I don't know of a source that would dye the dress for you. You will probably have to do it yourself.

Years ago there use to be a source you could send your dress in to for dyeing. I remember it was quite expensive to do it. I know it was over $100 that they charged for the service because of the risk involved. You may want to do a search online to see if a service exist. If you decide to tackle it yourself do research on that as well.

Additional information: I found this link to a blog where a woman gives directions on how she dyed her wedding dress you might find helpful.

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Pre wedding dress care

by Georgie

This is my second marriage and have purchased a beautiful dress second hand. It is a halter neck bodice made of a shinny satin-like fabric with beads and a tulle over satin skirt. The tulle has a one inch satin hem at the base of the tulle at the floor level.The bodice needs to be altered and the tulle skirt is wrinkled and will need to be ironed. The tulle is scallop-gathered with satin rosettes at the base of the zipper and sit on the rear end area. There are no care instructions indicating what the tulle layer is made of and I need to know how to get the wrinkles out. I think the satin is actually polyester and the tulle is soft and shinny and my be a synthetic also. How can I determine what the different fabrics are?

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Caring For Wedding Dress Fabrics
by: Desiree

I feel that your gown is probably made of synthetic fabrics, like polyester for the main fabric and nylon tulle. Most gowns are either polyester or silk, with the majority of them being polyester.

But since there are no tags in the gown, you might want to take it to your local dry cleaners to see if they can identify the fabric. The other way is to do a burn test. You would have to get a swatch of fabric from the gown, from an inconspicuous place, and then burn it to see what happens. Fabrics burn differently from fiber to fiber and smell differently.

The nylon net that you mentioned is really wrinkled can be straightened out using a steamer. This is what I use in my business. It may take a while but the wrinkles do come out. You could try an iron on the lowest setting also, but if the iron gets to hot, it will easily burn a hole in the fabric. So it is best to buy a hand held steamer or let the dry cleaner do it for you.

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