Best Source To Buy A Wedding Dress Online

Are you wanting to buy a wedding dress online, but are afraid to do so?

What hold some brides back is hearing the horror stories of...

  • Wedding gowns were ordered and when they arrived, they didn't look as pictured.
  • The sizing is way off from the measurements sent in, usually several inches too small.
  • Read reviews where a bride could not successfully return a wedding gown to receive a refund.

Reading the reviews of some online wedding dress companies is enough to scare most brides off from this idea.

But there are a number of brides who successfully buy a wedding dress online. How are they doing it?

Where Can You Buy A Wedding Dress Online?

There are quite a few ways to buy a wedding dress online. But I am going to discuss the top 3 methods that I find brides using now.

  • Discount Wedding Dress Shops Online
  • Off Shore China Based Manufacturers
  • Ebay Or Amazon

Brides also use Craislist, Classified Ads and other online and offline sources for pre-owned wedding dresses. But what I am discussing in this article are ways brides are cutting costs to get "new" wedding dresses at a tremendous savings.

What should you do first when considering these methods? It starts with you and evaluating your buying habits. How so? Are you...

Are You Very Particular And Have Expensive Taste?

"You know what you want and what it should look like." If you see a gown in the bridal store... which of the above methods should you use to buy a wedding dress online? Because you have already seen a designer's gown in person, you should order from an online store selling designer discount wedding dresses.

These stores sell "authentic" designers gowns, not "copycat" versions. The gowns come directly from the designer or manufacturer, which is the same place where your local bridal shop acquire them. You can save hundreds of dollars on your bridal gown this way.

Online discount wedding dress shops are able to discount designer wedding dresses because their overhead costs are lower. For some tips for ordering discount wedding gowns, read this article by clicking this link.

The reason I don't suggest having a copycat version made by a China Manufacturer is that the design, fabric and construction will not be exactly the same as the designer's. So more than likely you will not be happy with the gown, since you know what the designer's gown was like.

Are You The Type That "Need" To See Yourself In A  Gown

If you are the type that have a hard time picking out clothes without trying them on first, it probably is best that you don't buy a wedding dress online. But some who are like this have figured out a way to still order online. How so?

Some women once they go the the bridal shop, identify wedding gown styles that compliment them. Now they are able to look at other dresses, whether it be in another shop or online, with similar styling and know that a particular style will look good on them.

With this information you could order your gown from a discount wedding dress shop online as mentioned above. Or you can order from a China direct manufacturer. When it comes to buying a wedding dress directly from a China manufacturer, I have a word of caution.

You are ordering a replica of a designers dress. It will most likely NOT be an exact copy. It will most likely not be the exact same detailing and fabrics. In order to cut the costs so deeply, they cannot use the same materials or construction methods the designers use. But they can come close to the look.

So if you are not a very particular person, you may be happy using this method of buying a wedding dress online. To read more on how to order from a Chinese wedding dress manufacturer read this article.

When You Need To Buy A Wedding Dress Fast!

Most wedding dress discounters who order authentic designer gowns most likely will not be able to deliver the gown you want unless you have 8 weeks at the minimum.

  • Plus you need to factor in time for alterations to be completed.
  • Some though, have quick delivery styles on hand, in limited sizes and styles. You have to ask them what is available.

But there are some offshore China based online shops, Ebay  and Amazon sellers who list short turn around like 2 - 3 weeks. Should you buy a wedding dress from them?

It is possible to get one that fast, I have witnessed this myself. But are you the type that can stand the stress of wondering if a delay could occur?

  • What if it is the wrong dress style, color, or there is a defect?
  • Do you have time to find another one?
  • Do you have the money to order another one while waiting on a refund, if one is possible?

Last thoughts...

"Before you buy a wedding dress online, check out the company thoroughly that you plan to buy from. Read customer reviews. Also look at the return policy carefully. And please pay with a credit card (not a debit card or a check card) only!"

So the bottom line is...

When it comes to buying a wedding dress online this is not for everybody. But if you are planning to do so, make sure to do your homework so that you can get your perfect wedding dress and thus save a tremendous amount of money at the same time!

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