Best Fabrics For Plus Sized Wedding Dresses

Which fabrics are the best for plus sized wedding dresses?

This is important to know because the right wedding dress fabric that will bring out the positive aspects of your figure.

The fabric as well as design must work well together for a flattering look for your figure.

  • Smooth fabric surfaces can give a sleeker appearance to the figure. But avoid clingy, stretchy fabrics. These will accentuate curves you might not want revealed.
  • Too much texture can add pounds. By strategically placing textured laces or fabrics in areas of the gown you want attention drawn to , can be complimentary to your figure.
  • Avoid stiff fabrics that stick off the body, like taffata, because this adds weight to the body.

Here are a few more tips to consider.

What About Choosing A Lace Wedding Gown?

When it comes to lace plus sized wedding dresses here are a few things you want to consider...

For example, if you are pear shaped, you should consider looking at plus sized wedding dresses that have texture in the bodice and the skirt out of a smooth fabric to balance your shape.

You may want to stay away from an allover heavy embroidered lace dress. But if you really want lace wedding dress... then choose one with a soft, lightly patterned appearance.

But make sure the lace motif pattern isn'’t too dainty or too large. Either one can have a negative impact on your figure.

If you are able to try on gowns, pay attention to the size of the motifs. Some can make you appear larger.

What About Satin Or Chiffon Wedding Dresses?

When it comes to satin fabric wedding gowns you want to avoid shiny fabrics, like shiny satins, because they reflect light and can make a person appear larger. Use matte satin and crepe fabrics instead.

Satins that are overlayed with layers of tulle or chiffon will dull the sheen, making it a good choice now.

Soft satins and chiffons made into fluid styles like the Grecian goddess style gown with empire waistlines can be very complimentary.

Also if you have some sort of print in your fabric-- like a brocade or jacquard-- pay attention the size and spacing of the patterns.

These factors also contribute to whether a design adds weight or width to the figure. Knowing these tips will help you nail down your perfect wedding dress!

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