Buy Second Hand Wedding Dresses To Save Money

Second hand wedding gowns are the best way to go when looking for an inexpensive wedding dress.

"I have seen family and friends give brides gorgeous wedding dresses."

Also . . . you can borrow one if they don't want to part with their gown.

“What should you know about borrowing a wedding gown?”

When you borrow a bridal gown, there are some things you need to consider . . .

  • When considering secondhand bridal dresses or used wedding dresses, you need to factor in your budget the expenses for the “cleaning and the alterations” of the gown.
  • To make this gown “your perfect wedding dress” more than likely you will need to alter the gown.
  • Sometimes the original bride “may not want” any permanent alterations made to the dress. Usually this is the cased when the bride wants the dress returned. This can limit you when it comes to achieving a “good fit.”
  • If the wedding gown is altered, the original bride might require you not only to return the dress, but also to put the dress back to the original size before giving it back. Make sure it is cost effective to do this. If not, look for another dress.
  • You may need to clean the dress again before giving it back. So find out what, if any, conditions apply when borrowing a wedding dress.

Before you definitely decide to use a “borrowed second hand wedding gown” that need temporary alterations . . . take it to a professional dressmaker experienced with wedding dresses.

The dressmaker will tell you which alterations are necessary and which ones can be made temporary.

Check out this article about the popularity of brides during  this Covid  pandemic buying secondhand wedding dresses. Brides find this economical and a way to get a designer gown for a fraction of the costs.

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