Short Wedding Dresses Are Perfect For Informal Or Beach Weddings

Having trouble finding short wedding dresses? It does take some time to sort through all the wedding dress designers collections to find short bridal gowns.

A short wedding gown is a great choice if you are having an informal wedding setting, such as, a beach wedding, back yard, or other outdoor wedding locations.

  • If you are a second time bride, a short bridal gown can be the perfect fit. No trains and bustles to worry with. Also these dresses can be worn again for other formal occasions!
  • If you are looking for unique wedding dresses... then short informal wedding dresses is one way to fill that need.

Remember These Informal Short Wedding Dress Tips!

Depending on the type of wedding you are having, some gowns are more practical for destination weddings.

Other gowns would be good for a Las Vegas wedding destination. Some are ankle length wedding gowns and some are knee length bridal gowns.

Remember these short wedding dress tips:

  1. If you are short wearing a dress shorter than knee length will make you appear shorter. Your best length is floor length and ankle length to look your tallest.
  2. If you want to appear your slimmest, wear skirts that appear longer than they are wide.
  3. The shorter the gown the more informal it is, so make sure the gown you choose will work with your overall wedding theme.

So it's important to keep your body shape, height and size in mind when considering a short wedding gown!

One Option For Getting A Short Wedding Gown...

Cutting off a long gown into a short one is a way that you can get the short wedding dress you want.

As a wedding dress alterations specialist, I have done this for a few brides. They found a long dress they liked but wanted it shortened to tea length or shorter. Some wanted the hem high in the front, and lower in the back. This trend is becoming popular again.

The best gown styles to cut off are those that are informal gowns with short trains or no trains at all. It is best also if the gown doesn't have an attached petticoat net. But if it does... most of the time you can cut the petticoat out.

Who can you ask to cut your gown into a short one? Ask the alterations specialist at your bridal shop if they will do this for you. But I have to say that, most bridal shops won't cut off dresses to make them short. They consider this customizing and not alterations.

If that happens to you, find an independent wedding dress alterations specialist, that will do the job for you.

  • Contact them before buying the dress first, to see if they can do the job.
  • Send them a picture of the gown so that they can give their professional opinion as to whether your design can be shortened.

Another option is to find a convertible wedding dress. What is that?

This is a gown that can have two different looks... one long version and a shorter version.

You actually have two dresses in one!


Convertible Wedding Dress - From Long to Short!

Do you like the idea of having 2 looks from 1 dress. This idea is growing because it is unique and economical. Take a look at these convertible wedding dresses to see what I mean!

One online wedding dress store to buy short wedding dresses is You have seen some pictured above. These are just a few of the styles they have. Check out there website to see more!

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