When Wearing A Simple Wedding Gown Make Sure You Are Not Upstaged

Simple Weddin Dress

Wearing a simple wedding gown without any embellishment can be elegant.

But there is one thing you need to be aware of. You need to plan carefully so you wont be upstaged at your own wedding!

Because of a lack of careful planning, I have had brides come to me just weeks before their weddings---in distress!

Imagine you are talking to your maid of honor and/or your mother and they begin to show you the dresses they will wear for the wedding.

"OH NO!" You are startled to see they picked beaded and sequined gowns!

You start to see a mental picture of yourself taking pictures next to them in your simple wedding gown.

You immediately realize that your simple bridal gown will not look simple and elegant like you imagined. But you will look plain and simple next to those beaded dresses.

In fact you now realize that... "you will be upstaged at your own wedding!"

Yes . . . this happens. I happened to find out first hand that this can be a problem. I had brides relate to me this dilemma ---when a few brides began bringing in their simple wedding dresses to have appliqués and beading applied.

How sad it was that those brides didn't get to wear their wedding dress the way they had planned.

How Can You Keep This From Happening To You?

In all the cases the brides allowed the honor attendant to pick their own wedding gown. There is nothing wrong with allowing the attendant to do this.

The problem came about because...  the brides didn't tell the attendant that they were wearing a simple bridal dress with minimal beading or none at all.

When you allow attendants to choose their own dresses . . .

  • You must give them some guidelines to follow.
  • Their dresses must match the overall theme of the wedding and your dress. This is especially true if you will be wearing a simple wedding gown.

If you want a simple wedding dress with minimal details... you also need to make sure the mothers dresses are in harmony with the simplistic style of your dress.

Now Im not saying they cant have any beading on the dress but it should not be a heavily beaded or elaborate gown compared to yours. This would be out of harmony with your dress.

Now if your mother or the grooms mother likes to sparkle when they dresses up... how do you handle that?

  • Respectfully ask that they wear something simple for your wedding and explain why.
  • Most mothers dont want to steal the attention from you. So if you let them know you are wearing a bridal gown that is simple they will try to find something simple and elegant also

Of course a guest might come in a beaded gown. That really is out of your control. You only should be concerned about those who will be taking pictures with you.

So when picking the perfect simple wedding gown for yourself...

It is important to know the wedding attire of others who play a part in the wedding.

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