Wedding Dress Advice For A Bride Over 40

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I'm over 40 and have never been married and have been wondering if I should choose a certain style or type of wedding gown.


The short answer is... there are no limitations on what you should wear for a wedding dress regardless of your age or whether you have been married before or not. There use to be a time when etiquette dictated certain rules of what was considered proper. But in the last 20 years a lot of that has been pushed aside.

How then do you choose a wedding dress? So far as color goes... you can wear white, ivory or any color you wish. When it comes to whether it should have a train or not... you can do either.

Now the style of your bridal gown is determined by choosing a gown that works with the overall theme, location and formality of your wedding. An informal wedding would call for a gown that has simple styling and a short train or no train at all. And of course a very formal wedding would call for a more ornate gown, usually with a long train.

But again these are just guidelines, and not rules, that will help you keep your styling in character with your wedding formality and theme.

You could even consider an alternative to wearing a wedding dress which could be a formal suit or outfit, and evening gown or mother's gown or even a pants set in white or ivory color to look more bridal.

The important thing is to choose a style that compliments your figure type and a color that harmonizes with your skin tone. And most of all choose a gown or wedding outfit that you can see your self wearing and being comfortable in all day. Avoid fabrics that wrinkle easily, and styles that you feel self conscious in or will have to adjust all day. Try on lots of bridal dresses to see which styles work best for you.

For more tips and advice on how to choose a wedding gown for a mature bride over 40... read the pages under the section for mature brides.

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Such a good advice
by: persun

Such good advice, I have learnt a lot , thank you very much , I will chose a beautiful wedding dress for my Aunt.I think she will be the most beautiful bride in her big day.

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