Wedding Dress Preservation The Last Part Of Your Wedding Planning

Wedding dress preservation? " Do I really need to do this," you are probably wondering.

It depends on what you plan on doing with your wedding gown after the wedding. This is the last part of your wedding planning you need to give attention to either before or soon after the wedding.

  • The best time to plan for this is before your wedding day!
  • If you don't plan for this in your wedding budget, you most likely will not take care of this after the wedding. Something else will always come up that you will feel is a better use of the money.

Another reason...

You have invested a lot of money in your dress. Are you just going to allow it to stay in your closet and turn yellow? This is what happens to most gowns.

Hopefully you won't let that happen to the gown you choose as your perfect wedding dress!

Think of the time, effort and money you put into the dress. To insure your dress will be usable for the future, have your wedding gown preserved. Plan for this in your wedding budget early!

Wedding dress preservation is a must for you...

  • if you plan on keeping your wedding dress for many years as an heirloom.
  • It is not enough to have your wedding gown cleaned, because it will turn yellow due to the aging of the fabric.
  • When your gown is preserved, it is cleaned and then treated so that it will not turn yellow and stains will not come back.

Read my story below:


"I was married 45 years ago. I had my wedding gown cleaned but not preserved. I left it hanging in the closet for many years in a plastic bag. I don't know when it changed but now it is yellow. It originally was a white wedding dress. So I can tell you from experience that cleaning a dress and hanging it will not keep it from yellowing. I wish I knew then, what I know now. I would have had my gown preserved, since I ended up keeping it."

What Happens If The Bridal Gown Turns Yellow?

Now if you let it hang and turn yellow... the gown can be used again if the next person wearing the gown likes it. But let's say your daughter wants to wear it. And she wants it back to the original white gown you had. What can you do then?

Well you can have it restored to the original white color. But guess what?

  • This process of wedding dress restoration usually cost more than if you had preserved it in the beginning.
  • If your bridal gown isn't at least cleaned right after your wedding, after many years of storage, the stains will set in and are hard or impossible to remove.

What does the bridal gown look like after wedding dress preservation... when it comes out of the box 20 years or more years later?

  • It usually looks just as good as it did before. I know, because I see them as a wedding dress alterations specialist. It is incredible the condition they are in, especially the 50 year old gowns.
  • Occasionally you see one with tiny spots where a small stain popped up, but they are not that noticeable. In a lot of cases I have been able to get those stains out or work around them.

But if you at anytime see stains or yellowing appear on your wedding gown and the wedding dress preservation company warranty is still in good, and they are still in business... you can send it back or take it back to the company that did it.

They will do it at no charge to you, as long as the warranty is still good.

Where Can You Preserve Your Wedding Gown?

You can check your local area cleaners. Some offer wedding dress preservation services. After the wedding you take your gown in to them. When it is done, you will go back to pick it up. Some cleaners, if they offer this service, do the preserving on the premises.

Other cleaners use a service, which they send your gown off to a company that will do it for them. Ask your cleaners if they offer this service or if they do it there on site.

A Wedding Dress Preservation Company That Provides Convenient Service To The Busy Bride

There is a way brides can take care of this before the wedding day if they wish. How?

  • You can pre-pay for the service before the wedding.
  • You are then given a mailing kit.
  • The kit consist of a box, pre-paid shipping label and instructions for sending your gown into the preservation company.

What is nice about this service is that while you are on your honeymoon someone can send the dress in for you, like your mom or a friend.

Or you can do so anytime after the wedding. No hauling your dress off to the cleaners. You can't get more convenient than this.

Which company does this? It's the Wedding Gown Preservation Company! Read my review about them.

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