7 Tips For Buying Wedding Dresses On Ebay

"Has anyone ever brought wedding dresses on eBay from China?" This is one of the most asked questions on Yahoo answers by brides looking for cheap wedding gowns.

Looking at some of the reviews online of some of the sellers of these bridal gowns, it would appear that this way may be riskier than other ways to save money on a wedding gown.

Honestly... I believe it is riskier.

But because I know a few brides that were able to get decent looking bridal dresses... I feel if you know how to lessen the risk when buying wedding dresses on eBay directly from China bridal manufacturers you can save a lot of money.

But first... be aware of the problems you might encounter when you order this way. Read about the problems some brides encountered by reading this article.

If you still want to consider buying a wedding gown this way consider these tips.

Tips On Ordering Chinese Wedding Dresses On eBay

1. Check with the wedding forums and bridal message boards to see what other brides are saying about the manufacturers or sellers you plan to use.

2. Notice which manufacturers the brides on the message boards recommend. Also check manufacturer’s customer satisfaction ratings on eBay.

3. Read all of the company’s policies carefully, especially the return policies. Read the sizing charts. Don’t guess at your size. Get your measurements taken by a sewing professional.

4. Ask if a color swatch can be sent to you. You might want to ask if you can send them a color swatch to make sure they can match your color.

5. Order in plenty of time. No less than 9 to 6 months prior to the wedding. If a problem arises, you have time to fix it.

6. Some bridal retailers sell these gowns in their shops. If you find out one exists in driving distance from you, go to see these dresses in person. This way you can compare the quality with what you have been seeing from the designer’s dresses in bridal shops.

7. Realize your alterations costs may be more than the norm to get the gown to fit properly and to repair areas of the gown not sewn correctly. But since you saved significantly on the gown purchase you still might save overall.

What’s The Bottom Line

If you are a bride who tends to be particular about things, have expensive taste or if you are a worrier...

It is possible to find a nice dress. But what you need to know is that these gowns will not be the same quality of wedding dress designer gowns.

It’s just that the odds of getting one that might disappoint you are higher than any other method to acquire a cheap wedding dress to fit your budget, in my opinion.

But some brides look at it this way...

  • If the dress is not right-- they will just get another dress somewhere else and sell the eBay wedding dress.
  • If it turns out right-- they will have saved a bundle.

Bottom line? You have to know yourself.

If you don't want  to worry about if the gown will come out right Because it would be too stressful then don't order a gown this way. Best to pay a little more to have peace of mind.

So it all boils down to this when it comes to buying wedding dresses on eBay...

“Only you know your personality, your finances, the time frame you are working with and the stress levels you can take.”

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